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07 Mar 2016
Once again the players were feeling screwed after dropping points at the last minute, the coach was admitting the feeling of powerless, but was defending the work done by the players, including the management of the set-pieces.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was looking annoyed in the press conference after the game for how the team dropped two points, “Those details have prevented us from taking the victory after doing everything to deserve it. There were a lot of opportunities, clear chances, practically cleared at the goal line. We didn’t have the aim of seeing them going in.”

“The team was able to overcome huge blows against a complicate rival that defends pretty well, allows only a few goals and that got the advantage. Again in the last play… the rival also has the capacity to do things. They barely attacked us, the few chances they had, I believe they only took four corner-kicks and scored twice, but they released those crosses pretty well.  Before the game, we were watching plays of the rival in these kinds of situations when the players were at the changing room, something we never did before, but… we are upset for not knowing how to defend these plays that forced us to drop two points.” He added.

Still, he was trying to see the positive things from the game, “But we must congratulate the players, because they have made a very good game. This is the path to follow. We must fight and compete for the permanence and we are sure that we will get it if we continue to play like this. We broke the streak of three straight defeats, we must see the positive things.”

He was asked if the system worked better than in the previous games, and the response was, “Surely it was better than the game at San Mamés, but the team had the same balance than in other games; actually we managed another structure in offence, but I believe the team made a complete game with the exception of the details defending set-pieces.”

The Madrilenian refused the idea that the players are scared at the moment of defending the set-pieces, “If the players are crippled, then they would haven’t made the game they made today. A crippled player isn’t static for one play in set-pieces while in the rest of the game is fine. I understand that the players are all brave as they faced the situation in every moment. We are convinced that the fans are pleased in that regard, because the players made everything possible. We were saying that they are specialist in set-pieces and it was demonstrated today.”

He continued praising the level shown by his players, “The feeling of the players is of rage for having it so close and for losing again two points. But the important thing is the competitive level shown by the team, and we need to continue working in order to polish those details that penalize us. I only see negative questions, pessimistic views, and we don’t like things that way. The players demonstrated a competitive spirit, today against a rival like Málaga having the same points.”

Finally, Victor wasn’t happy when he was asked again why two players are always taking the corner-kicks,
“I don’t understand the criticism; many teams do it with two players. I think it is absurd to talk of this subject when many teams use this resource.”

The three goals scorers talked to the media and were upset for dropping two points. Celso Borges scored the first, he was admitting that the players are screwed for not winning this game, “It depends of the glass you are watching the game. I choose to be positive and make the better analysis, but it hurts. We cannot deny that it hurts to have drawn this game in which we did the merits to win.”

“Truly the feelings are different with the victory compared to when you draw or lose. Right now it really hurts to not get the reward after doing everything possible. These are bumps that you find in football and it cannot destroy us, we must move forward.” The midfielder added.

Fede Cartabia scored the second goal and was the best player in the game, he was feeling upset for dropping two points, “The taste is bittersweet, for how the game was the points were important to secure the permanence, but we dropped the points and we need to learn from this matchday. “

“We are the first that want to win, but with some points of advantage over direct rivals we must improve and learn from all the games. We saw it so close that you end screwed for losing at the last minute. We must learn and be more mature within the last minutes. We want to win all the games, especially today, which was almost a final for the permanence.” He added.

The third scorer was Lucas Pérez, he was also affected for the result, “The feeling is the same of the game against Valencia. The true is that we are really sad. The team gives everything, it comes from behind twice and gets the lead, the team is competing, but a set-piece cost the game and we must avoid it in the coming games. In previous games we didn’t concede in set-pieces, and today we allowed three, so it is annoying.”

He was also commenting the big chance that he missed during the first half, “I saw there were two players and thought they were going to open, so I decided to put the ball between them. The true is that he [Weligton] took the ball out with the hip. It is something that you cannot predict. I also missed a chance with Vargas the day of Betis. They are taking the goals away from me, what I’m going to do? We need to keep working, but later the goal of Borges arrived and I surpassed that.”

At Málaga CF, coach Javi Gracia was thanking the set-pieces for the point added, “We claimed the lead, but neither made the needed merits to translate this result, because the rival had taken six or seven corners and we scored in the first. The set-pieces allowed us to pick up a point in a hilly game.”

“You cannot talk of having luck, because there are a lot of adverse situations throughout the game. We added a point in a complicate field facing a big rival, so we need to be positive despite the negative consequences with the injuries.” He added.



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