11 Mar 2016
Celso Borges conceded an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the midfielder is not scare, but motivated with the calendar ahead and believes that Depor can get something positive against Atlético if the players are together.

Q: How are you after the injury?
A: Obviously it is always difficult to return after been for so long without playing and without training. The injury was strong and I’m slowly gaining confidence. I trained hard the last few weeks waiting to see when the opportunity will come.

Q: You got injured in a sweet moment for the team and you are now back in a complicated one, does that increases the uncertainty?
A: Football is like this, sometimes you are playing in the good and sometimes in the bad moments. In both cases you need to remain calm and confident that the work is always supportive.

Q: Were you surprised with the position in which Víctor placed you within that trivote with Alex and Mosquera?
A: Not a big change as the work remains the same, only a little attached to the wing. There was not much difference, it only needed a little coordination with the movements between the midfielders and the people up front. It's just practice and wait for the matches going well.

Q: Were you feeling more comfortable against Malaga on Saturday that the previous times?
A: We always try to do it in a way that goes well, but obviously by having an adverse score, been pushing and scoring three goals it means something positive. It brings confidence to everyone. You have to keep working and polishing to reach the results.

Q: However, twelve matchdays without winning...
A: If we let this affecting us... But the team is very focused that many situations have occurred that we could not control, which are game situations, and you need to understand it. It doesn’t bring us doubts and neither fears.

Q: Have you lost the chance to experience a quiet end of season after an excellent first round?
A: We never said it would be easy. We had to be prepared for these times as well. Sometimes the games and the seasons are like that, and the more wrapped and together we are to face these situations, the easier it will be to do it.

Q: What have you lacked to get that victory that’s resisting?
A: Every game has its situations and unfortunately we have passed all versions of the uncontrollable. The point is that when we were very well, we could always improve, and now that it is costing to pull out a victory, we can also improve. The point is to always go out in search of perfection.

Q: In the first round you said that, although the goal was the permanence, no one robbed your "share of ambition." Are you still keeping it?
A: I meant we play for everything, that at no time we were going to surrender for getting opportunities to go for the games. That's what I meant by ambition, but then obviously the results can throw you to one side or the other. We always go out searching for a positive result for our team and it’s something decisive.

Q: Even on Saturday against Atlético at the Vicente Calderón...
A: They've done very good things, not only in this league. We competed against them in the first round game we had here, we are very aware that we can do it again keeping us attached to a game plan. Together we are stronger, being together we have many options to do good things.

Q: Do you pretend to be a humbler version of Atlético?
A: Especially we have characterized ourselves during the last year for being a team with a well-shaped idea and when we got up front we have people who make the difference. I don’t like to go to such comparisons, but it’s true that there’s an identity that has been given to Depor.

Q: Do you have vertigo for looking at the schedule and then the margin with the drop zone?
A: We take it as it comes. Someday we had to play against them and we cannot avoid them. In addition, we like it, we feel very comfortable playing against good teams and one of the things that I've noticed is that no team is easy. There are some who make a difference in the league, but the rest are also competitive.




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