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12 Mar 2016
Depor’s coach said that his team always prepares the games in order to win and that this isn’t the exception despite he is reserving players. Atlético manager said that he is always expecting the best version of the rival.

 Diego Pablo Simeone is currently one of the most respected football coaches. El Cholo was a very well-known player during a career that lasted two decades (between 1987 and 2006), but no one knew what to expect from him when he landed as a coach at Atlético Madrid on December of 2011.

And it’s that the Argentine man had mixed results in his first years as a coach, mainly working on his home country (including a spell at CA River Plate) and in Italian side Calcio Catania. However, his career at Atlético has been successful since the beginning.  In just three years his team has clinched five titles (liga, Copa, Super Copa, Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup).

He only has missed to win the UEFA Champions League, title that Atlético was close to achieve after losing in the final against Real Madrid (2014). He was named twice as the best coach in la liga. This is his third official meeting against Víctor Sánchez Del Amo after the 2-1 win of the Madrilenians last season at the Riazor and the 1-1 of the first round.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon; he talked to reporters for eleven minutes, always looking relaxed regardless of the current streak of the team. He was optimistic despite the entity of the rival, “We are hopeful, wishing to get the so desired victory. We have prepared the game, we had the full week for it after the recent cycle having a game in the middle of the week, we are confident of our possibilities.”

About Atlético, he said that, “We are aware that we are facing a great team that, beyond having very good players, is in a very good form, but we are motivated by the challenges. We are worried about everything related to Atlético, not only the set-pieces. We have prepared ourselves in order to be more effective in all the aspects of the game, the set-pieces could be fundamental, but it’s the same with the rest of the game. Atlético dominate all the aspect of the game despite everyone says that they prevail for their defensive level. Off course their defensive level is high, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have other resources apart from defending and releasing the counterattack.”

Then the coach explained the status of the players out of the roster, starting with Lucas and Juanfran, “It is a premise, there still competition ahead and players having issues cannot be risked. We don’t like to play with the health of the players and it’s more interesting to prevent in a situation of tiredness, this in the case of Lucas and Juanfran, who had some issues product of the tiredness. The best thing is to see them resting and recover them for the next game.”

About Luisinho, the explanation was, “It was an incident in today’s training. He got injured in a play and noticed some issues on the knee. We hope it won’t be serious. He is staying on here as the doctors told us that the better is to see him staying and make further scans.”

In a general sense the coach explained that some of the injured men could be in for the game, but the coaching staff prefers to rest them, “In situations of players with fatigue and muscle problems, which implies a risk, we, since the start of the season, have said that the best is to rest. It's better to skip a game than risk with the heath of a player that could lose more matches due to an injury. That’s why you have data about the physical situation of the players. If we would be talking of the last game of the season, then it would be different.”

The Madrilenian was also analyzing the problems conceding goals and the recent bleeding in set-pieces,
“That’s always important. The fact of allowing goals forces you to duplicate the number of goals in order to achieve the victory. It is something that we try to minimize; sometimes the chances are created in set-pieces or in normal plays. In the last game we controlled the ball perfectly and didn’t concede any clear chance for the rival in a normal play. Instead they had four corners and scored twice. This is football. We were controlling before the set-pieces of stronger rivals than us, and in one game they penalized us with four corners.”

Víctor was denying the idea that he would feel content with a draw, “We always plan the games trying to win, once we develop all the possibilities we could analyze the outcome later. But we believe that the best way to draw is to go out for the victory, actually we suffered a streak of draws with the team been close to win. Trying to win, if we make a mistake and the rival takes advantage, we draw. We don’t know how to prepare a game in order to draw.  Humbly we are going for the victory before a powerful rival, superior in all the aspects, but it doesn’t mean we cannot achieve it.”

Depor’s coach was asked if the winless streak is affecting the players’ mind and he answered that, “The squad is with the head in the game against Atlético Madrid and with high hopes to face a big rival, everything else is done. The attention is in the game against Atlético Madrid and we will try to win.” And the final question was related to Manuel Pablo, a journalist asked if the Canarian is going to play, “all the players in the roster have options. We never give the lineup and it won’t be the exception today.” Víctor said with a smile on the face to end the press conference.

Atlético’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He was asked if this is a trap game, “No, because we face the situation as the rest of games that we have played until now, looking how their trajectory was and waiting for the best from the rivals. Since that point we will try to take the game to the point we want.” He answered.

He confirmed that Fernando Torres is out injured and that he doesn’t know if el niño will be available for the Champions League, “We hope he can be recovered. I don’t know when he will be available, the doctors are working with him and we will see what they say.”

The Argentine coach didn’t want to reveal the plans regarding the lineup; he was asked if Belgian Carrasco could be playing as a striker and he only answered, “Yes, it is possible.” Then he was asked if Carrasco or Augusto Fernández will be playing on the right wing and the answer was, “We will decide tomorrow, even both can end playing [he laughed]”

There was a question related to the motivation of Atlético Madrid, this for been the runner-ups  lying far from the third and fourth spot and with the current great run of FC Barcelona leading the league, El Cholo commented that, “You already know us. Beyond the situation in which we are, we will work with the same hope and commitment, because our hope is to play wearing the shirt of Atlético Madrid, and we will do it with our best predisposition, it won’t change.”

Finally, Simeone is conscious that this is the definitive stage on the season, “Normally the last ten games are the ones that indicate who will fight for the championship, the relegation, the Europa League… each team plays differently as it has played during the rest of the season, because all the teams want to add points. At the beginning everyone wants to play pretty, now everybody wants to add points.”




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