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14 Mar 2016
Another grey game by Deportivo and once again no clues among the players about the reasons for the decline. The coach was saying that the team is penalized each time that it commits an error in defence.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was saying that the aim of Atlético defined the game, while he also complained of the lack of luck for Deportivo, “I believe the key was the aim that Atlético Madrid had in their offensive plays. The first goal allowed them to… we were in a calmed stretch in the game, we were working fine with the idea of been a compact team, blocking their passing line and defending the lateral crosses. They were right and we were wrong in a play in which they anticipated, but we kept the tranquillity throughout the 90 minutes as we though that we were going to have a chance.”

“Later the second goal sentenced the game with Griezmann been left alone inside the area. We tried to risk with a more offensive team, with the 2-0 we had some chances, through Luis Alberto and Fede, but we are in a frame on the season in which we are unlucky, neither in defence nor in offense, because we are penalized in every error committed at the back and later the bad luck with the injury of Manuel Pablo, the knock of German and Róber.”  He added.

He was asked if the next game with Levante is a final and he answered that it is absurd, “A lot still ahead, nine games and we are now with several clubs behind us. It’s absurd to talk of finals when the situation was worse on last season, but it’s a very important game.”

Finally, Víctor doesn’t think that the absence of Lucas Pérez was fundamental, “We never search for excuses if we don’t have players, either for injury reasons or a suspension. We only prepare the game with the players that are available. It’s useless to valorise these situations. The work of everybody is fundamental and we rely in all the players.”

Álex Bergantiños was commenting the game, “I believe the first goal hammered us, because we were containing Atlético and they weren’t creating any danger. Later we improved with the ball possession during the first half, we didn’t have clear chances, but were in the game and with the second goal we went down.”

The midfielder was also feeling sorry for the bad moment lived by the team, “I believe we have worse numbers for the kind of team that we are. We added too many draws in the second round, especially at home in games in which we deserved more. We aren’t in a good moment, but we are having important games against Levante and Las Palmas at home plus Celta on the road, we need to match the level of the first round. We know that the goal is to save ourselves and we cannot surrender. We are confident in getting the points to save ourselves.”

Celso Borges understands that the second goal killed the game, “We tried to compete at the highest level, but the second goal demotivated us and later Atlético did a great job. The current streak is negative and we will do anything possible in order to correct it. The coach will analyse what we can do better.”

German Lux commented the plan that Deportivo were attempting for this match, “We were trying to be ordered and later search for an opportunity in the counterattack, also to see Atlético going on the outside, to have more ball possession, but we lost and now we won’t think of Atlético, just to fix the errors and try to improve.”

Asked about his knee knock, the Argentine goalkeeper commented that he expects to be fine, “It hurts a little. It was a knock during the play and I hope it will only be a knock. At least I am walking.”

At Atlético Madrid, coach Diego Simeone was very clear after been asked why he didn’t make rotations ahead of the Champions League, “I didn’t make rotations because the most important game was the one against Deportivo. Now it is PSV.”

He was also defending the game made by Vietto, “The presence of Vietto, beyond he is not scoring, allows us to have more association in the game and more aids at the back of the midfielders. We have good players arriving from the second line, especially Koké and Saúl. The important thing is that the goals are arriving from different zones of the field, it makes us to have more alternatives to reach the goal.”



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