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20 Mar 2016
Depor returned to winning ways. Two late goals in each half meant three golden points that approach the salvation. Levante only made on shot on target, but gave a lot of problems.

Coach Victor Sánchez presented the expected lineup for the game. It was a 4-4-2 figure with German Lux covering the goal, Juanfran Moreno performed at the right side of the defence, Luisinho did it on the left, while the centre-backs were Alejandro Arribas and Fernando Navarro.

Celso Borges and Pedro Mosquera were the centre midfielders, Cani covered the right wing, Fayçal Fajr performed on the left, then Luis Alberto and Lucas Pérez were the centre forwards.

At Levante UD, coach Rubi was also presenting the expected 4-4-2 formation. José Antonio García ‘Verza’, Joan Verdú and José Luis Morales were playing behind Giuseppe Rossi and Deyverson Silva in attack.

Before the game there was a concentration at the hotel and also near the stadium, this in order to support the team, but there were some incidents. According to reports the police charged the Riazor Blues without any motive, and the response was to see some people throwing bottles to the police.

From more to less. Depor started strongly, but ended suffering with the long runs of Morales. Still, a great play between Cani and Lucas allowed Luis Alberto to claim the lead before the break.

The game started with Deportivo pushing up front, with a speed that wasn’t seen in past games, but the first opportunity was for Levante UD. Verdú assisted Rossi with a volley into the area, but Lux arrived first to catch the ball (2’).

Depor were insisting on the right wing, but the local crosses were always cleared by the visiting defence. Their first opportunity, and first shot on target in the game, came at minute 8, Borges picked the ball at the edge of the area after a cross from the right and his drilling shot was blocked by goalie Diego Mariño.

The Galicians continued looking good, with fast transitions that allowed to witness the speed of Lucas, but Levante UD were also looking dangerous with José Luis Morales causing a lot of damage on the side defended by Luisinho, he released a couple of crosses that were cleared by Cani and Arribas.

With the passage of the minutes, Levante grew up in the game as Depor started to lose the control. The Valencians were looking dangerous, but their only shot was a wide attempt by Verdú (17’). The next chance to score was for Depor with Luis Alberto missing the target from the edge of the area (21’).

At minute 30, Fajr was close to score after picking a pass by Luis Alberto at the left side of the area, but his crossed shot passed close to the far post of Mariño. Levante’s best chance in the first half was a solo-play of Morales that ended with a wide shot from inside the area after eluding the mark of Navarro (35’).

Depor lost the impulse of the first minutes, but it was the side creating the best scoring chances. It seemed the game was going to reach the pause with the 0-0, but then Depor scored. A combination Cani-Lucas Pérez ended with a short cross from the Galician attacker, Mariño was already defeated on the ground, the ball hit the back of Luis Alberto and it seemed the chance was lost, but the Andalusian attacker was fast enough to get the ball back, elude a rival and fire a rocket from the box to net his sixth goal on the season.

Again a late goal saved Deportivo. Levante started strongly and scored an early equalizer, but later the Galicians grew up in the game and dominated despite missing to create clear changes. Cartabia was the revulsive entering for the final twenty minutes.

The final part started with both sides trying to have the initiative, but it was Levante the side that hit with the equalizer. Verza drilled the ball into the area, Giuseppe Rossi was alone enough to decide what to do before the desperation of Navarro and Arribas, the Italian ended scoring with a strong shot that was previously deflected by Lux.

After the goal Depor lost, again, the control over the game. The visiting team was having the ball and the locals were waiting for the counterattack. At minute 57, a long ball possession for the Galicians ended with Fajr firing a shot that missed the target. That was their only offensive move within the first ten minutes.

But that play changed the tide, because from that point Deportivo regained the ball and were pressing up front before a Levante that lost impulse, mainly as Morales got tired, but the Galicians were missing depth. At minute 62, Cañi collected a cross coming from the left at the far post, but his header was too easy for Mariño.

Víctor introduced the first substitution and Cartabia replaced Cani. The ex-Villarreal was the best player in the first half, but as it happened to him throughout this season, he was already tired in the second part. 

And the presence of the Argentine was exactly what Deportivo needed. His presence was felt since the beginning as he was involved in the next two scoring chances, in the first he fired from the edge of the area a low shot that was blocked by Mariño (71’). One minute later the loanee from Valencia made a great play on the left, eluding Juanfran García and releasing a cross that Fajr met the edge of the area, and his strong shot was deflected to corner-kick by Mariño.

Víctor made the second change and for the final ten minutes Riera replaced Fajr. And as it happened in the first part, Depor scored a late goal. It was a pin-ball situation with Luis Alberto picking a volley from the left at the far post, he was unable to shot on target from close range, the rebound reached the path of Lucas, who was coming from behind, his attempt hit the near post and later hit the back of Mariño to end at the back of the net.

Levante desperately sought for the equalizer for the final five minutes -plus the three minutes in the added time- and Víctor tried to protect the result with the entry of Álex for Lucas, there were nerves at the Riazor, but the visitors never created danger in this frame of the meeting.

Depor broke the curse, but for it the Blanquiazul outfit had to suffer and only succeeded netting two late goals, each one at the end of both halves, both also with some luck after a rebound. Cani was the best player in the first part and Cartabia was the best in the second.

There’s a pause now due to the international action, and Depor return in a fortnight visiting RC Celta for the Galician Derby (April 2, 22h05 CET).

Deportivo: (4-4-2) Lux – Juanfran, Arribas, Navarro, Luisinho – Cani (Cartabia 65’), Borges, Mosquera, Fajr (Riera 83’) – Lucas (Álex Bergantiños 88’), Luis Alberto.
Levante:(4-4-2) Mariño – Lerma, Medjani, Feddal, Juanfran García (Cuero 86’) – Verdú, Simão, Verza, Morales (Rubén García 80’) – Rossi (Casadesús 76’), Deyverson.
Goals: 1-0: (43’) Luis Alberto, 1-1: (49’) Rossi, 2-1: (86’) Mariño (o.g.)
Referee: Iñaki Vicandi Garrido. He showed yellow card to Lema (32’), Simão (69’), Riera (87’), Verza (89’) & Luis Alberto (89’)
Venue: Riazor (24,920)
Other statistics: Ball possession (53% - 47%); Attempts to score (8 – 3); Total shots (15 - 7); Shots on target (6 - 1); Saves by the keepers (0 - 4); Corner-kicks (2 - 1); Offsides (0 - 2); Fouls committed (8 - 12); Passing accuracy (77% - 73%)




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