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21 Mar 2016
The coach was content with the effort of the team, while the players were feeling relieved, though they also admitted that this was among the worst home games of Deportivo.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was commenting the circumstances surrounding the game, “We are content for the work done by the team. We knew it was going to be a complicate game facing a rival that was passing here having one of the last bullets to get into the fight for the permanence. I guess that, in their perspective, taking in mind our streak, they were hoping to get three points and for us it was the chance to leave Rayo and Granada eight points away after their draw.”

He was also emphasizing the fact that Depor didn’t fail this time within the last minutes, “We are content as the team made a serious game. The team competed really well. Besides, we are content as we played fine within the last minutes, something that was hard for us in other matches and that penalized us.”

The Madrilenian was saying that luck finally changed for Depor and also praised the reaction after the equalizer, “In other games we were hitting the post and the ball was going out, and there’s the day when things change as the ball hit the post and goes back to you and in the end it is helpful to win the game. These are streaks you find at the highest level, but the line is the same: a team that fights and insists, a team that finds a goal in an individual move of Rossi, a physiological hit, at that point in the game it was hard for us to enter, but since minute 15 we dominated again the game, creating chances and only missed aim. “

The coach is hoping that this could be a turning point after the bad streak, “This result makes good some of the draws we had before, and we hope it will reinforce us to become stronger, gaining confidence and allowing us to add three points, which is what we always want. I’m happy for the players as they got the reward of the victory. It is what matters to me: the happiness of the players and the public.”

Finally, Víctor doesn’t mind to have a free week now as there’s no la liga on next weekend, “It’s always the same. The calendar is already done. You cannot choose the rivals and neither the dates; therefore, we face it with a positive view. We have two more weeks and we are going to take advantage of it.”

Lucas Pérez was pretty content with the result, though he was saying it wasn’t the best game of Depor, “It was clear: we needed the victory. We have been doing good games at home and I believe that, today, it wasn’t the best, but we achieved the victory. We are content and it’s one more step towards the permanence. It was our worst game at the Riazor, but we added the points, this is football. Evidently you see life different when you win.”

The Galician attacker doesn’t think this was a fundamental step into salvation, “It’s only one more step, until the situation at the standings indicate that we are saved we must keep fighting and add the larger number of points. The players believe in our work, neither we were thinking of playing Champions before nor now we thought we were bad just because the results weren’t arriving. The team finally won and we are happy.”

Luis Alberto scored the first goal and was commenting the play, “I didn’t see the time to fire the shot. It was a little complicated as the keeper and another player were over me, but thankfully it was right and we won.”

The Andalusian attacker was also saying that this was one of the worst home games of Depor, “I believe this, within the last eight home games, was the worst, but well, we had the chances and we scored twice, which was good to claim the victory. This is going to be good ahead of the eight games remaining and we would be able to play with more calm.  Today we knew how to defend and thankfully the three points are staying here. We spent a long time without winning, now the fans can remain calmer.”

Celso Borges was emphasizing that it was a great result for the morale of the team, “Mentally, it is a great help. It releases a big weight and let’s see how we face the next games. It was a good step, but mathematics say that we aren’t saved yet. This is good and we are content.”

At Levante UD, coach Rubi was trying to be optimistic despite the defeat, “We are four points away from salvation, two weeks ago we were six points away and the team left the impression of been committed, that sometimes it tries, but it can’t. Now we are feeling screwed because we deserved that point, but whoever fells down physiologically will end at Segunda and we won’t be one of them.”

About the game, the comment was, “Depor started pretty well, intense, later we were better, we had the ball and allowed a goal at the end of the first part, just when we were seeing ourselves with the draw. Later we went out better in the second part, we equalized and Depor pushed within the last fifteen minutes, but I neither saw that Depor were going to score. We were missing strength to reach the rival’s area.”



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