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25 Mar 2016
Comfortable victory for a Deportivo B that didn’t find any trouble before a rival with a lot of casualties. Splendid game by Óscar, who scored a brace, provoked a penalty and brought an assist.

This game should have been played in the weekend, but since Thursday and Friday are free days in Spain eight of the ten games in the matchday were advanced. Coach Manu Mosquera was still missing centre-backs Róber and Iago López. Meanwhile was concentrated with the national team of Canada. Pancho Cotos, Ángel and Bamba are already back, though only Ángel was picked for the match.

This time the draw was a 4-3-3, Anxo Pérez was the keeper, Blas Alonso was playing at the right side in defense, Jorge Fernández performed on the left, the centre-backs were Santi Taboada and Quique Fornos. Manú Silva, Hugo Rama and Pol Calvet were the centre midfielders, Edu Expósito was the right winger, Óscar García attacked from the left, and Juan Otero was the centre forward.

The rival was UD Barbadás, the team coached by Perfecto Rodríguez ‘Peluso´ was the leader at some point in the first round, but now is at mid-table, far from the promotion seats. There were massive casualties for the game, to the point that three lads from the Juvenile squad were picked for the match (Vilachá, Óliver and Adrián Blaco).

Pleasant game for Fabril, mainly because it didn’t find any opposition before a rival in difficult times that only reacted punching and kicking the opponents. There were plenty of scoring chances and the score could have been bigger, and the main news was the performance of winger Óscar García, who was simply unstoppable participating in the four goals and even failing clear opportunities.

Fabril started early knocking at the door with a chance for Manú Silva, who wasn’t able to finish a play inside a box (1’) and in that action the midfielder sustained an injury that made him leave the game at half-time.

At minute 10, Óscar was fouled at the edge of the area and Hugo Rama took the free-kick, visiting goalie Carlos Pérez ‘Berto’ made a double save, first deflecting the shot and then catching the attempt of Óscar, who collected the loose ball.

It was the day of Óscar ‘Pinchi’, who was present in all the offensive plays. At minute 14, he assisted Otero at the edge of the area and the crossed shot of the Colombian missed the far post. Then it came the first goal, Edú Expósito drilled the ball into the right wing, Otero released the counterattack and ended assisting Óscar, who didn’t find any opposition to score from the box.

The goal brought calm to the locals, who continued dominating the actions; at minute 28 Blas was unable to end a play inside the area, and five minutes later Edu Expósito attempted a volley that was blocked by Berto.

And the second goal arrived before the pause, Óscar was penetrating by the right side of the area and tried to chip the ball over Berto, the goalie tried to get the ball with a sliding tackle, but in the process he rolled over the winger, the referee whistled the penalty and Catalan Pol Calvet scored the second goal from the spot.

The second half started in a slow way, because there were several pauses due to the continues fouls of UD Barbadás, including one over Blas and an elbow that hit the face of Taboada, who stayed out of the game for ten minutes as he was bleeding from the nose.

Ángel Fernández entered the field as Manú Silva couldn’t continue due to the injury suffered at the beginning of the game. Once things were settled, Fabril continued dominating and creating clear chances through Óscar.

At minute 58, the winger missed a very clear opportunity after he couldn’t connect the ball properly at the right side of the box and after Berto had deflected a shot by Hugo Rama, but shortly after he was going to redeem himself with a great play that meant the third goal.

He picked the ball at the right side of the area and somehow moved slowly behind a wall of defenders until been able to release a strong shot past Berto. He has now scored 18 goals in the Tercera season. And soon the fourth goal arrived and again with Óscar directly involved.

The 18-year-old winger got the ball at the right wing and simply drilled it into the centre, just into the path of Juan Otero, who scored from close range. It is the tenth goal on the season for the Colombian striker.

The game was already resolved with twenty minutes remaining and Mosquera made his last two changes allowing the entries of Álex Corredera and Marcos Legaz. Catalan Corredera could have scored the fifth goal with a volley that missed the target (72’). The only clear chance for Barbadás came at the end of the game with a header of Iago Quintairos that was saved by Anxo (82’).

Perfect game for Fabril, the team liked the fans with its football and clinched a big win without doing too much and thanks to an inspired Óscar García, who was involved in all the opportunities for his team. Fabril remain 4th at the standings with only a two-point advantage, but now the third place is only three points away. Precisely the next rival is third place CD Choco (April 3)

Comment by Manu Mosquera: "It was a great victory, and I'm leaving content because we also played well. Truly they had many casualties, but we were playing better and planned the game in that aspect. It was a very complete game for our side and it reinforces us, especially since it is the second straight win and it approaches us to the first places. We are more powerful playing this way.

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Anxo – Blas, Taboada, Fornos, Jorge – Manú Silva (Ángel 46’), Hugo Rama, Calvet (Corredera 71’) – Edú Expósito, Otero (Marcos Legaz 75’), Óscar García.
Barbadás: (4-2-3-1) Berto – Oli, Quintairos, Ocampo, Alfredo (Vilachá 67’) – Currás, Germán – Isi, Luis, Lamelas (Vieytes 46’) – Matelo (Óliver 77’)
Goals: 1-0: (19’) Óscar, 2-0: (45+1’) Calvet (penalty), 3-0: (61’) Óscar, 4-0: (65’) Otero
Referee: Uxio Caamaño Vázquez.  He showed yellow card to Quintairos (8’), Matelo (24’), Lamelas (34’), Berto (44’), Edu Expósito (67’), Vieytes (82’) & Oli (86’)
Venue: Abegondo (600)




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