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30 Mar 2016
The newest edition of the Galician derby arrives with the main characteristic that both teams have been led by Galician players on this season, something unusual with both teams competing at the elite.

The derby of Galicia is always special, but in recent decades it has lacked a stronger participation of home grown players, mainly when the derby takes place at Primera División. But things are different for the present season, and it can be noticed checking the stats of both teams.

Saturday’s derby will have a special local taste for what the Galician players have been contributing to both teams. Despite been a short group, the Galicians have shone at both teams, to the point that they can be considered as the best players at both sides. In the past game against Valencia CF, only three Galicians players were starters for RC Celta, but the pillars of the team continue to be the lads formed at A Madroa.

And it’s that the three players with more minutes on the season are coming from their youth system: Hugo Mallo (2,493), Sergio Álvarez (2,365) and Jonny (2,323). And with Andalusian Nolito missing three months due to an injury, the responsibility of the goals was in the shoulders of another product of their academy: Iago Aspas, who is the top-scorer at the team with 11 goals.

Surprisingly things are very similar on this season at Deportivo; there are only four Galician players at the first team (Lucas, Álex, Juan Dominguez & Mosquera), short list that can be joined by Madrilenian Laure, who is coming from the B squad, but this short base of Galician men are crucial for the team coaches by Víctor.

Because three of the four Galician players are key pieces at the team, the only exception is Juan Dominguez, who has only played 185 minutes on the season. Meanwhile, two of the four players with more minutes in liga are Galicians: Pedro Mosquera (2,582) and Lucas Pérez (2.421).
Also to remember that the top-scorer is not only Galician, but was born in A Coruña. Lucas has scored 15 goals and his presence is vital for the team.

So, despite been a short number, the feeling is that the presence of Galician players has been vital for Depor throughout the campaign. The same applies for RC Celta, because they only have six Galician players at the first squad, but they are strongly felt due to their importance.



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