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31 Mar 2016
There’s calm before the Galician derby, which reflects the situation at both sides. The players analyze the game respecting the rival and explaining their chances to win an important clash for the aspirations of both clubs.


Lucas Pérez: "Celta are doing a great year, they have very good players and we must recognize it. They are a candidate to qualify for Europe. They were also doing good football when we played at the Riazor in the first round and we won 2-0 playing pretty well. We travel to Vigo with the mentality to win, to make a great game and add for the permanence."

Álex Bergantiños: "Celta is a team that we all know from recent years, a team that has given continuity to the way they play, which displays a very attractive football and that’s capable of the best and the worst, because it is very brave, it attacks with many people and when they are fine they are very showy, but when they are not successful, then their games turn to be complicated, they leave spaces and concede things."

Pedro Mosquera:  “Maybe, for many people, Celta are the favourites, but Deportivo are an historic club that always fought in the derbies and we will try to claim this one. Also in the first round Celta were the favourites, actually they arrived fourth at the standings at the Riazor, and we claimed the victory, so it hasn’t to be so different in this game. “

Cani: “We all would sign to repeat the game of the first round. In order to win we must make them feel uncomfortable, because if Celta are feeling comfortable then we are going to suffer a lot. Our options are passing through seeing them not feeling comfortable. That was a virtue that we had in the first round. We didn’t allow them to practice a pretty style and we knew how to claim a derby that was intense and equal at times.”

Laure: “For us it is clear that, by winning both games against Celta, it would mean to improve the season a lot. This is a healthy rivalry and it’s a pride to be able to win and dedicate it to the fans. We are conscious that this isn’t a normal game, there’s a lot of tension. With this rivalry anything can happen, because small details are what decide the games.”

German Lux: “The three points in Balaidos are vital. It would leave us closer to rest and spend the time having a good situation in the last matchdays. Celta have great players. It’s a dangerous rival if you leave them play. We are traveling to Balaidos in order to win the game.”

Alejandro Arribas: “In the first round game they were also in a better position and we won. In a derby anything can happen. Our last rival, Levante, was coming from a derby and they were the last place, while Valencia was at mid-table and it won the bottom club. They can be favourites for been playing at home, which gives you a plus, but in the end anything can happen in a derby.”

Fernando Navarro: “It’s a pretty game with more emotions and feelings. These are the games that make you feel alive, to enjoy the best version of a football player. We will try to make them feel uncomfortable, to take the game to our field. We will try to minimize their virtues, which are many, and later push hard where they are weaker.”


Hugo Mallo: "The team is very hungry, very ambitious and want to close this as soon as possible. It's been a long year, in which we laughed, cried, won and lost, and we are one step to qualify for Europe. We have it in one hand, we only need to close it. Depor have made a step forward defeating Levante, but we are in a good moment and we're really looking forward to the match. I have no grudge against them, because I already defeated them."

Sergio Álvarez: “It’s always special, especially for a Galician. We must try to live it with the highest intensity and a cold mind, because we need to control those pulsations and that energy transmitted by the public. They study the rival and work hard during the games, they won in the first round as they didn’t’ allow us to make our game.”

Sergi Gómez: "It is true that both are fighting for different objectives and we arrive in different situations, but I don’t think that this is relevant in a derby, a match is influenced by many other factors. There is a bit of spirit of revenge for the defeat at the Riazor."

Carles Planas:  “We want to continue the good run that we currently have with four wins and a draw in the last six games. We are aware that it’s a very important game for us and for the fans, especially after they beat us at their field. It’s isn’t right to talk of favoritism in a derby. Here not only the momentum has an impact, but it’s beyond that. The side playing with more calm, the one controlling better the emotions, is the one that will take it.”

Iago Aspas: “They were better than us in the first round match, we won’t cheat ourselves about that. We must learn from the errors that we committed. Now we are hoping in offering a victory to our fans.”

Nolito: “In the first game we weren’t effective, so we need to be like that on here. We also need to be serious and clinical. I missed a penalty there and had another opportunity to score. We must be like the last game: serious, clinical and must seize the chances that we could have.”

Jonny: “No matter the negative streak people are talking about, I believe Deportivo is a team with a lot of confidence and will surely go out in order to win, it won’t speculate, I believe that both sides won’t speculate and both will try to dominate the game.”  




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