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02 Apr 2016
Depor’s coach didn’t clarify if Sidnei will play and neither wanted to talk of favourites, while Celta’s coach is aware that his team needs to change a lot of things compared to the first round game.

Manuel Eduardo Berizzo is a young coach that just begun his European career after accepting the job at RC Celta during last season. This former centre-back had a long career as a player, making 101 appearances with RC Celta during the first years of this century and also played 13 times with the national team of Argentina.

He retired in 2006 and launched his career as a coach working in South America. His first success was to cinch the national title in Chile with O'Higgins F.C. (2013). On May 19, 2014 he was surprisingly named as the coach of RC Celta after the departure of Luis Enrique to FC Barcelona. Berizzo had a great start, but later his results were so poor that was close to be fired, now he’s consider a successful coach as his Celta battle at the first places at the standings.

Víctor Sánchez also launched his coaching career in la liga during last season, he clinched the permanence and is currently trying to achieve bigger goals with his Deportivo living at mid-table. This is their second meeting after Depor’s 2-0 win during the first round.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He talked to reporters for nine minutes. He didn’t want to confirm if Sidnei will play, but assured that the Brazilian is fine and ready, “He has trained with the team, which indicates that he can play as anyone on the roster. You know we don’t like to risk with the players and let’s see what we do, because the player is fine, while the deadline that was established by the doctors is expiring exactly tomorrow, but the feelings are good and let’s see what decision we make.”

About the status of Celso Borges, who joined the trainings until Friday, the comment was, “He trained normally. Yesterday he had a free day. These players travelling to America have a lot of kilometres at this height of the season, but he is fine. He is a player that has been out for a while due to an injury, which helped him to rest. He trained today with normality.”

Then the Madrilenian man assured that everyone is aware of the importance of a derby, “I think we don’t need to describe the importance of this game, firstly for our fans, off course, the players know it and all of them are wishing to play important games, and the derbies are important. The rivalry is high. We will play a derby and the motivation of the players should be at our side.”

He was emphasizing the importance of the three points towards the salvation, “It’s very important, because these three points would put us in a position that almost gives the permanence. We don’t want to stop there, we would reach the 39 points and it would be a huge step for our goal. We would be close to the goal, it could be enough for it, but we don’t want to stop there.  Now, the importance of the game is that it would allow us to be really close to the goal.”

Víctor doesn’t think that there’s a favourite team ahead of the game, “There are several opinions, off course. All the games can be labelled depending in who plays at home and the streaks, but in these games the difference can be reduced. For us it is useless. We don’t see who the favourite is, but how to seize our chances to clinch a victory.”

About the rival, the coach commented that, “It is a team that, when it attacks, it does it with a lot of players. They also play wish advanced side defenders, and especially they create a lot of scoring chances due to their attackers. They will feel the support of their public, but I believe that we have demonstrated to be competitive and, with the motivation of the derby, I understand that we will match the expectations. I wish my players can have an inspired night, so we can have a memorable performance for the pleasure of our fans.”

Celta’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He confirmed that Pablo Hernández received the medical okay to play, but that he will know until Saturday if the midfielder is going to play. He practically revealed the lineup for the game after been asked if it is too risky to play with Orellana as a playmaker and with other three attackers, “Behind we will have six players in order to defend, so we won’t risk anything. We are a balanced team.”

The Argentine coach was also emphasizing the importance of the fans in this match, “The fans will be fundamental. This game is played by everyone; in a game like this one, when the feelings are at the top, the support of the public turns to be really important.”

“This is a game of emotions and we depend of it, because it is the way to lift our fans from their seats. It will be an important game for the points at stake, but also for the emotions. But we also will need to play good football in order to beat Deportivo. In the first round game things were more uncomfortable of what we expected, our movement of the ball didn’t work and we suffered for it.”

The coach was also talking of Deportivo, “It is a difficult team that needs to win and we must pay attention to their characteristics. It is a well-organized team with a strong midfield. We must be careful and know how to play this match.”

Finally, Berizzo believes that his team can still fight for the fourth position at the standings and the qualification for the Champions League, “It’s possible, everything will depend in what happens in these eight finals.” 




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