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04 Apr 2016
Few times Deportivo will have so many adversities and will still be able to get a positive result. The team returned to be a solid block that only conceded a few chances, but also missed strength in offensive moves.

The five notes from the game Vs. RC Celta.

1- The old Depor was back: After the recent poor form of Deportivo, it seemed that the team was losing its identity, but after the victory against Levante UD, Víctor’s team is slowly getting back its’ trademark: a team that only concedes a few chances to the rival.

And in this match the rival was a candidate for the European spots, a RC Celta that put its best attackers on the pitch, but that only had four chances to score and that only completed three shots on target. This the main characteristic that allowed Depor to be one of the more solid teams in the first round.

2- Against adversities: Few times a team can have so many adversities in a game and still can rescue a positive result. Lux got injured early in the first half, polemic decisions by the referee that didn’t allow to claim a bigger advantage in the score, then an expulsion that left the team with ten men for twenty minutes, then the physical problems of Sidnei and Borges, and the icing was the storm that hit the stadium at the end of the first half.

But Depor stood and, despite stepping back in the second half, it never lost the track of the game and the solidity in defence. And that taking in mind that four of the five men that started the game in defence didn’t end the meeting in their initial positions (from Lux-Juanfran-Arribas-Sidnei-Navarro to Manu-Juanfran-Lopo-Navarro-Luisinho).

3- Again Fernández Borbalán: Andalusian David Fernández Borbalán won’t be highly appreciated by Depor’s fans on this season. The referee was highly criticised for his errors in the home game with Villarreal CF, and this time he once again made calls that damaged Deportivo.

He didn’t want to show the second yellow to Wass after hitting Navarro in the classical effort to not affect the game, but didn’t hesitate to show the second to Arribas in what in the end seemed a doubtful foul, besides he didn’t see a penalty over Luis Alberto just before Celta scored the equalizer. In the end Borbalán was too condescend with the local team only showing one more card than the ones saw by Depor when they committed the double of fouls.

4- Again the key was midfield: As it happened in the first round game, Depor had things under control thanks to the work in midfield. It was expected that Álex was going to start, but it was Borges who played alongside Mosquera and Depor never conceded too much to Celta.

Both centre midfielders were important blocking the output of the ball to the locals, and when they were unable to stop the quick attacks of Celta, then the duo Sidnei-Arribas were anticipating the plays, so Los Celestes never game a sense of danger over Lux and later over Manu.

5- Flat attack: The negative news from the game was the poor offensive presence of Deportivo. Los Blanquiazules had their best attackers on the pitch, but the team lacked width and depth. Only four crosses were released and only seven shots were completed (four on target). Lucas brought concern to Celta, but he never combined with Luis Alberto, while Cartabia showed glimpses of class until running out of gas in the second part.



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