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06 Apr 2016
German Lux conceded a press conference on Tuesday. He is disappointed for ending the season after the injury, but at the same time he is also satisfied for the work done throughout the liga campaign. He is also confident of what Manu and Pletikosa can do.

German Lux talked to the media on Tuesday. He seemed sad after realizing that he will remain out for the remaining of the season, but at the same time he is keeping the spirit as Depor are about to clinch the permanence and also for his personal performance in this campaign.

He was expressing his feelings after the injury, “I’m screwed, obviously, as my hope for this season has been cut, but within what happened this was the less bad case scenario, so I am only thinking of recovering myself and nothing more. I am not thinking beyond, only in supporting my partners from the outside for what remains in these last eight games in liga.”

Asked if he is expecting to return on this season, the goalie responded that, “The true is that I don’t know. The tempos will be marked by the recovery process and don’t think of playing as soon as possible, only of been recovered as soon as possible. We will see how much time it will take.”

Then he was asked if there’s a similarity between this injury and the one suffered a couple of years ago playing at Segunda, “It was the same leg, the same knee, but later the movement is totally different. The only similarity is that it is the same knee. The doctors tell me that I have a very flexible knee and that it can help a lot on these cases. The knee is at 90 degrees, so the ligament isn’t entering as it should, that’s why I didn’t suffer a more serious injury.”

The Argentine man was describing his feeling after this setback, “The hope that I had before is falling a little now, but well, now I think of my situation and also in helping the team from the outside. We are close to achieving the goal and hopefully with a victory on Monday against Las Palmas the team would virtually secure the permanence.”

Despite the sadness, he was saying that he is content judging the work done throughout the season, “I am content, because I was able to play. I have enjoyed and suffered and I’m content in a personals sense, because until this point I made a good season, but don’t want to think of myself. I want to see the team reaching the goal for this season.”

About the fact that he and Fabricio are suffering important injuries in the same season, he commented that, “Truly this year the subject of the injuries with the goalkeepers has been bad, but this happens. This year things have been hard for the keepers and we must move forward.”

Then the former goalkeeper of River Plate assured that he is not concern of the future as he and the club already agreed a one-year renewal, “Sincerely it is one of the subjects in which I sleep more calmly, because the fact of reaching a verbal agreement and the word of the president is enough, because what we all want is to see Deportivo staying at Primera. I always repeat a phrase; football is moments, we don’t know what could happen tomorrow and the situations we will face. We must try to live the present.”

Finally, Lux showed his full confidence in Manu and Pletikosa, the two remaining keepers at Deportivo, “I don’t like to make comparisons. I believe we are guarantees for Deportivo and later the coach will decide who plays. We must remain calm and give confidence to any player that will perform, not only the keepers, we must be with them and I don’t have any doubt that we will win on Monday.”



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