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07 Apr 2016
Just days after suffering an injury, the club has announced that German Lux has signed a one-year renewal. The Argentine man is extending his career at Depor to six years, only two of them as the starting keeper of the first team.

The second renewal announced on Wednesday was German Lux. It was a well-known secret as both sides have admitted that there was a verbal agreement and that it was only a matter signing the papers. It seems the recently injury sustained by the Argentine goalie accelerated the things. He was ending his contract in June and the renewal is for one more year without clauses.

Lux has been five years at Depor, in the first two he was the replacement of Aranzubia and after his exit the Argentine man became the starting choice with the team competing at Segunda.  His performance was vital in a season where the team needed security at the goal and he brought that feeling of secureness and even some leadership on the pitch. The Argentine keeper only allowed 29 goals in 36 games and his ratio of 0.81 goals per game was the second best in the league, only behind Eibar’s Irureta (0.67)

But the season 2014/15 meant a step backwards to him; Lux didn’t have a good start after suffering an injury during the Colombian tour in the pre-season. He lacked form and his defence didn’t help in the return at Primera, and after allowing 19 goals within the first 7 matchdays he was replaced by Fabricio, who became the starting choice of Víctor Fernández and later of Víctor Sánchez.

The roles were exchanged for the present season as Fabricio was the one that picked an injury and Lux became the starter. Despite some criticism he stayed at the starting formation and is ending the season with 29 league appearances (2,558 minutes) and a knee injury that will keep him out for the last seven games. It’s expected that he could be already fine for the next pre-season.

It is still to be seen if Lux will be the starting choice on next campaign, Fabricio could leave and the club will probably search for other alternatives as Manu and Pletikosa might leave or in case of continuing one of them will do it in the role of “third keeper”. 




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