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16 Nov 2006
Inexperience. It's the best word to describe the actors that will act in Sunday's spectacle. Fifteen Depor players haven't participated yet in a Galician derby, while this number is reduced to six in Celta's squad. The absence of a charismatic figure is something that is also marking the clash between these two teams. Capdevila, Sergio, ?ngel, Pinto and Oubi?±a could be appointed as the leaders in their squads.

The situation this season is generating a curious scenario for Sunday's derby match. Twenty-one players haven't participated yet in a Galician derby. A fact that's more evident in Deportivo since fifteen men haven't played yet in this important classic: Aouate, Arbeloa, Barrag??n, Filipe, Lopo, Rodri, Estoyanoff, Juan Rodr?­guez, Verd??, Adri??n, Bodipo, Cristian, Riki, De Guzm??n and Taborda.

In Celta this number is smaller: 6 (Nen?©, Pablo Garc?­a, Guayre, George Lucas, De Ridder and Tamas). But the probable presence of some Celta's youngsters like Vila and Roberto should increase this number. The casualties in Vigo's club would force coach Fernando V??zquez to call these youngsters in order to complete the list of called players.

For Deportivo, the experience will be on the shoulders of Joan Capdevila and Sergio, both of whom have participated in eight derby encounters. Valer??n also has eight participations in the derbies, but he will not play in Sunday's game. It's the same case of Duscher who has played seven times in this classic. Manuel Pablo has played six, but he will probably be on the bench or even out of the list of called players.

?ngel with five participations, goalkeeper Pinto with four, and Borja Oubi?±a with three, will be the more experienced men for Celta. The real veteran is Gustavo L??pez with nine presentations, but he will miss the match for injury reasons. These statistics are far from the number of charismatic figures like Mostovoi, Fran or Mauro Silva. Fran accumulated the impressive number of 21 derbies, while Mauro Silva played 17. Meanwhile, Mostovoi faced Depor in 11 occasions wearing the shirt of Celta.

Another curious situation is that only five men of the present squads can hold the title of having scored a goal during a Galician derby. Perera and Gustavo L??pez have scored one goal in these encounters. In Deportivo the scorers have been Capdevila, Sergio and Valer??n. The Canarian is the only one that has scored two goals against Celta, but he won't be able to increase his record. At least until the second round game at Bala?­dos. Historically, Pahi?±o, Tino and Diego Trist??n are the best scorers against Celta. These three ex-players scored five goals against Depor's nemesis during the past campaigns. V?­ctor is the one that has scored more goals in one single game, three in the unforgettable 0-5 at Bala?­dos during the season 2003/2004.

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