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16 Apr 2016
Five players talked during the week with the media. They are aware that Sevilla played extra-time on Thursday, but are convinced that it won’t be a factor on Sunday’s game. There was also some criticism for the team’s performance.


The results in the second round: "We missed out the chance to play for something bigger, because if we would have kept the level of the first round, then we would be fighting for Europe. We could have made happier the fans, because by keeping the pace we would be in a privileged situation, but I’m sure that if we beat Sevilla and if we make a good game before Barcelona, then we will get the goal three or four weeks before the end, and then people will be content.”

The next two weeks: “We must achieve the permanence, yes or yes, in the coming two weeks. We cannot miss more opportunities. This is a very complicate week, facing two teams fighting for big things and another rival fighting for the same stuff than us, it cannot pass from here.”

Sevilla: “They will surely notice the hard game against Athletic. Now they could not be thinking of Deportivo, so we are benefited as we will be fresher. We must be smart and make a good game. They only have a few weaknesses and are one of the big clubs in Europe. It will be a success to get points against Sevilla.”


Physical state: “I’m improving and evolving. I will try to be available against Sevilla, but it will depend on how I evolve. I have been suffering a back problem throughout the season. I will be fine with the pass of the hours.”

Sevilla: “The most important games are coming. Sevilla arrive after losing against Valencia and I believe it will be pretty difficult. Sevilla have a large squad and they are pretty good, so I don’t believe they will be tired. Still, hopefully they could feel the intensity and hopefully we could get a point there.”

Best form: “Truly I am in my best form. I have had some good games and am fine physically. I hope to end the rest of the season playing. When I arrived I had some ugly injuries, but little by little I got the pace and am improving. Hopefully I can end the league like this.”

The permanence: “We want to achieve it as soon as possible. We, at least, need to add a draw at Sevilla and later will face Barcelona. We aren’t afraid with this issue, but we neither can be distracted.”


Sevilla: “They played extra times the other day, but surely they have enough squad to play three games in a week. We will see what happens. We must seize the fact of seeing them playing on Thursday against Athletic, but the true is that they are prepared. They have a large squad to make changes and surely we will have problems.”

His position on the field: “I have problems performing on the wins, I prefer to perform at the centre, and we still have to notice what the coach will do.”

Lack of luck: “We have several chances against Las Palmas and were unable to score, then they have two or three chances and ended scoring three times. I don’t know what’s happening here.”


Sevilla: “I believe they are used to play in Europe. They have spent many years playing on Sundays and Wednesdays. I hope they will notice it, but I doubt it will favour us. They are made to be among the first four or five positions. They have fast people in attack and there’s quality at midfield.”

The present: “I believe we are in a good dynamic. We won a game, drew the next one and, unfortunately, lost the third. It isn’t the same dynamic of the past after spending so many games without winning. Surely we missed the chance to close the permanence at home, but we hope it can take place on this week.”

The next games; “In the end there isn’t a calendar that can be label as good. It might seem that some rivals are easier, but it isn’t like that, because the ones at the bottom, though they look like worse teams, are playing for the permanence and will give everything in order to be saved. So, the teams having an accessible calendar could end up more complicated.”


Return to the Pizjuán, “It’s a special game for me, full of exciting feelings, but also knowing that we need to scratch points in order to get the permanence. We are aware that a tough game is waiting for us on Sunday, but the intention is to compete and get something.”

Tiredness at Sevilla: “Evidently several players will be tired, but Sevilla have enough squad to face the midweek games and especially playing at the Pizjuán. It’s a pitch where, when you are missing strength, they push you harder. They are used to this and have great players for all the positions.”

The permanence: “Our performance in the second round has been pretty bad; if we would have kept a regular basis then we will probably have secured the permanence before.  The true is that we haven’t done it yet and six matches are remaining for it. We have only added ten points in the second round and the performance has been bad.” 




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