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18 Apr 2016
Important point for a Deportivo that was a ghost in the first part and that, pushed by courage, conquered a valuable point in a second half in which Sevilla were absent.

After testing a draw with three centre-backs on Friday and later one with four full-backs on Saturday, coach Víctor Sánchez opted in the first for the game. The draw for the meeting at the Sánchez Pizuán was a 5-3-2, first time with the Madrilenian coach using it.

Manu Fernández was the goalkeeper for the second straight opportunity. Juanfran Moreno covered the right side on defence, Luisinho played on the left, the three men at the centre were Albert Lopo, Fernando Navarro and Sidnei Rechel. Then there was a line of three centre midfielders with Fayçal Fajr, Celso Borges and Pedro Mosquera. The centre forwards were Luis Alberto and Lucas Pérez.

At Sevilla CF, coach Unai Emery presented the expected formation with the novelties of Timothée Kolodziejczak playing at the centre of the defence and with Vicente Iborra been a starter at midfield. José Antonio Reyes, Yevhen Konoplyanka, Éver Banega and Fernando Llorente were the references in attack.

Poor first part by Deportivo. The plan of Víctor -if there was a plan- simply never showed up and the visiting side, with Luisinho as the captain for the first time, never knew what to do before a rival that didn’t score more goals as it missed aim in their countless crosses searching for Llorente and Iborra.

The game started as it was expected: with Sevilla pushing in attack and Depor waiting to see what the rival was doing. The first chance for the Andalusians was a deflection by Llorente after a cross from the left that Manu controlled without problems (5’). One minute later the Galicians had their first chance, it was a shot by Luis Alberto from the edge of the area that went out.

After the initial impulse, the game lost pace, mainly as Sevilla CF turned to be more cautious, though they were still controlling the ball possession. They were insisting with crosses searching for Llorente, but the veteran attacker wasn’t having a clear chance to head the ball on target.

Meanwhile, Depor were betting in a fast counterattack in order to surprise the rival. They had a couple of opportunities in which they stole the ball at midfield, but in the end the last pass was failing. In the rest of the actions the Galicians were throwing long passes from the defence that were easily controlled by the rival.

The first shot on target in the game came at minute 18, it was a header of Llorente after a cross from the left, Manu ended controlling the ball. Again Llorente was heading the ball inside the area, but once again it was a difficult attempt as the cross was too high. That was the normal picture in the half.

And the first accurate cross from Sevilla ended with the first goal in the game. Reyes sent a long cross from the right, Llorente met the ball at the far post, this time in a favourable position and what he did was to put the ball at the centre to see Vicente Iborra coming from behind to score with a second header inside the area after surpassing Navarro.

There was no reaction from Depor after the goal; actually Sevilla were still looking like the side closer to score. They were finding no opposition at the sides and only missed aim to release a more accurate cross searching for Llorente, who was still trying to reconvert into a shot on target the poor crosses sent into his path -twenty crosses by Sevilla in the half, only five met the target-.

Worse was the situation at Deportivo, there was no idea on how to attack and all the offensive moves were reduced to long throws without aim. Their only chance in the final half an hour was a counterattack with Lucas assisting Fajr, who later released a drilling shot blocked by local goalie Sergio Rico (32’).

Facelift in the second part at Deportivo, conditioned by a Sevilla CF that seemed content and navigating between the tiredness and a careless attitude, the Galicians made a step forward and pushed for the equalizer though without having too many chances. 

The final part started with a substitution, Cani replaced Luisinho and Depor switched into a 4-4-2 figure, with Cani on the left wing and Fajr on the right. At minute 50, Depor had their first chance, it was a direct free-kick for Fajr that Rico blocked

A second substitution was made shortly before as Luis Alberto picked a thigh injury and had to be replaced by Oriol Riera.  Depor were looking more active in the second part, perhaps because the locals made a step backwards as now they seemed content holding on a narrow lead and only searching for the second goal through the counterattack. The change in the draw was also positive as Cani was adding ideas in attack. Thus Depor were playing closer to the local area.

Still, Sevilla were having the best chances. At minute 57, Iborra couldn’t connect the ball properly in a counterattack and the ball went out. Four minutes later Yevhen Konoplyanka was close to score in a direct free-kick in which the ball passed close to the near post.

Depor’s first big chance in the game came at minute 67, a lateral free-lick by Fajr was found by Lucas inside the area and his low shot from the penalty spot was blocked by Rico. The last substitution made by Depor was the entry of Jonás Gutiérrez for Navarro The Argentine was performing as a right-back with freedom to join the attacks.

At this point in the game Sevilla CF already was an apathetic side, the changes of Emery searching to build up a team for the counterattack failed, because Curro Sánchez added fresh air, but Llorente was already tired and Juan Muñoz didn’t add the needed depth. So, they were no longer releasing the same crosses of the first part.

Depor were close to score at minute 76, Fajr released a cross from the left, Riera was about to head a ball that was deflected by Rico and later a defender cleared the danger inside the box. And five minutes later the deserved equalizer arrived. Lucas Pérez led the counterattack on the left and released a precise low cross that Riera met at the far post to just push the ball in.

Sevilla CF were paying a high price for their attitude, because Depor had less chances, but at least it was the only side pushing in attack. The final five minutes witnessed a desperate Sevilla trying to restore the lead, but their countless corner-kicks ended in nothing. Their best chance in this frame of the meeting was a header of Daniel Carriço after a cross by Banega that missed the target (85’).

A game with two faces, in the first Depor never knew what to do and only the lack of aim of Sevilla CF in their crosses prevented a bigger lead for the locals. In the second the Andalusians tried to administrate their strength, but only found a more ordered Deportivo that got a point in one of the few chances they had.

The point keeps Depor nine points above relegation, but the team paid a high price as Luis Alberto got injured and Albert Lopo picked a fifth yellow on the season. The Catalan centre-back will now miss Wednesday’s game against FC Barcelona (Riazor, 20h00 CET).

Sevilla: (4-2-3-1) Sergio Rico - Coke, Kolodziejczak, Carriço, Escudero - Cristóforo, Iborra (N'Zonzi 74’) – Reyes (Curro Sánchez 59’), Banega, Konoplyanka – Llorente (Juan Muñoz 64’).
Deportivo: (5-3-2) Manu – Juanfran, Lopo, Sidnei, Navarro (Jonás 76’), Luisinho (Cani 46’) – Fajr, Mosquera, Borges - Luis Alberto (Riera 52’), Lucas.
Goals: 1-0: (20’) Iborra, 1-1: (81’) Riera
Referee: Santiago Jaime Latre. He showed yellow card to Lopo (61’), Carriço (67’), Curro Sánchez (69’) & Riera (84’)
Venue: Sánchez Pizjuán (30,390)
Other statistics: Ball possession (59% - 41%); Attempts to score (8 – 4); Total shots (12 - 5); Shots on target (3 - 4); Saves by the keepers (3 - 2); Corner-kicks (7 - 0); Offsides (4 - 2); Fouls committed (15 - 8); Passing accuracy (85% - 77%)




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