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19 Apr 2016
Víctor explained the reasons for the initial draw and also the changes made at half-time; meanwhile the players were satisfied with the reaction in the second part.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was explaining what went right and wrong with the 5-3-2 system for the game, “The idea with the initial lineup of three centre-backs was to see our full-backs pending of the moves of their full-backs, who have depth in offense releasing crosses plus their references for direct football like Llorente and Iborra, we understood it was good to reinforce us. We also understood that Sevilla had the need of the points in order to reach the European competitions.”

“Precisely we understood that after the tiredness in the Europa League they were going to rely in the direct game and were going to have a strong start, therefore we needed to be protected. We defended pretty well. They scored a goal in a quality play and, above all, what failed with the scheme was the plan to have the ball. We needed to have patience and make a longer game, it was what penalized us in the first part. Sevilla dominated in the first half, because we were unable to have the ball. In that regard the plan failed, especially for the way we attacked, because we defended pretty well despite the several crosses they made.” He added.

Later he explained the switch back to the 4-4-2 for the second half, “After the result at half-time we returned to our habitual draw, this in order to put a higher pressure and create more chances to score playing closer to their area, also understanding that they were going to hold back after the effort in Europa League. So, we made a good second half, we created good opportunities and had arrivals despite the game lacked fluency. The pitch was a little dry and it didn’t allow both teams to have continuity. It is something that was in favour of Sevilla as they didn’t want a high pace. We are content with the draw.”

Finally, Víctor denied the idea that both Depor and Sevilla were relaxed for the game for been close to reach their goals, “The fact of been close to the permanence doesn’t mean you already achieved it. For how Sevilla started, with them searching for the references in attack and hurrying up the plays in order to seize their aerial game, I believe that neither Sevilla played a game trying to wait for what could happen.”

As it could be expected, the players were happy with the result, Faycal Fajr commented that,” A point is good. I don't want to think that it is enough for salvation, but we hope to add the biggest number we can. This is a good point and will fight until the end. The point brings inertia for the next games. In the first half we tried to do what the coach wanted, and the tactic wasn't to blame as we entered the game poorly. This is football and we were better in the second part. We equalized and it was deserved.”

Oriol Riera scored the goal; the Catalan commented that, “I believe the point is very good for how the first half was. It useful as we make a step towards the permanence, something that isn’t mathematically secured, but for us it is important to do it taking in mind what comes ahead. We will try to do it in the coming games. We improved in the second half and this is the path to follow.”

For Juanfran Moreno the team improved after switching the draw at half-time, “It’s a point that can be said is bringing the salvation. It adds room to breathe and especially strength to face the last games and keep adding points. In the first half we were playing with five defenders and it was a little hard for us. In the second the coach made changes and sought the equalizer. The team improved and Sevilla were great. We knew how to suffer and had a chance to score. It’s better to be with 38 points than with 37 before facing Barcelona.”

Fernando Navarro returned to his former club and was happy with the local fans while he foresees the game with FC Barcelona, “I am content for the love showed by the fans. It was a pride to play here and it was pretty to return here. Now we face Barcelona, a hard game for us, but we will try to have our chances.”

At Sevilla CF, Unai Emery was disappointed with the result, “The team did a very important physical deployment and I'm happy for our work. I keep patience with young players, they always have a beginning and you have to support them. In the first half we did a great deployment and Deportivo didn’t even have a chance. in the second half we wanted to keep the intensity. we completed a difficult week, but very nice at the same time. Inside we valorise a lot what happened, but obviously we wanted to win, because a draw penalizes us, but we have challenges on three fronts from here until the end of the season. "




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