17 Nov 2006
Newspaper <i>La Voz de Galicia</i> arranged an Internet meeting between striker Riki and the fans of Deportivo. The Madrilian player chatted about several issues including the derby with Celta, the tactics of Caparr??s, his expectations for the season, the scoring problems in Depor, and also about his past years in Madrid.

The beginning: A salute to all the people who is on the net. It will be a pleasure to answer all your questions.

Q: Do you have prepared your first hat-trick in Deportivo for this Sunday?
A: I will be happy with only scoring a goal and wining the match. But off course that I will love to score a hat-trick.

Q: I am happy with your signing, but I want you to believe that you are a really good player, the best one. Do you believe in yourself? the fans will always support you. Let's go Riki!
A: Thanks a lot for your support. I am working in order to be important in the team.

Q: How far can this Deportivo go?
A: We have to go step by step, without madness. It won't be worthy if we start to believe that we are better than everybody. We must be humble, let's hope that the objective of been at the top will be fulfilled.

Q: Riki, why aren't you scoring goals? haven't you find the adaptation to the squad?
A: The truth is that I am not living my best moment, but it's also true that I am not enjoying of too much occasions during the matches. I already found the adaptation to the team, and let's hope that soon, I will start to score some goals.

Q: What is your preferred position over the pitch?
A: I like to perform as second striker, behind a forward that marking the reference. But I have to find the adaptation to any position and the important thing is to be in the starting eleven.

Q: How do you face your first Galician derby?
A: With a lot of illusion. I am wishing for the arrival of the match in order to give a big joy to the fans of Deportivo, they deserve it.

Q: What are your thoughts about the Galician derby?
A: It's a competitive game, I believe that it will be decided by the minimal difference, I am also think that the victory will stay in Riazor. For this matches, there isn't a favourite.

Q: Did you feel sorry for coming to Depor?
A: Never! I am proud of been in Depor, because it's a great team. I am also hoping of been able to play in Europe.

Q: Would you love to play with Adri??n upfront, will this formation works?
A: The true is that he is a boy with a promising career, we must guide him since he is a good player. We can play together.

Q: How is your physical state?
A: I am better everyday. Specially during the home matches, in those encounters I am participating with more frequency.

Q: What player has surprised you for his qualities?
A: El Flaco (Valer??n). Let's see if I am lucky, and I can play with him. At this point, he will be a wonderful alternative for us.

Q: What seduced you to come to Deportivo?
A: I consider the club as one of the biggest ones in Spain, it's also a role model for the national team. I am ambitious and I want to play in Europe with Depor.

Q: What do you think about the season that Depor and Getafe are making?
A: Both of them have started well. This two clubs have signed a lot of players, and they already found the adaptation.

Q: Why Depor isn't playing an attractive game?
A: I believe that we are offering a lot in the home matches, maybe we must be more ambitious outside home.

Q: Are you thinking in the national team?
A: Every player thinks about it, it's clear that this situation gives me a lot of hope. But I have to work a lot in order to achieve that.

Q: A result for the derby match?
A: 2-1. Let's hope that I will score... if I play.

Q: Who was your idol?
A: Kiko (Narv??ez), when he was at Atl?©tico Madrid. He was a real crack.

Q: Arizmendi, Cristian, Taborda, Adri??n, you...  what is the cause to the lack of goals in Depor?. Do we need a new striker? Thanks and good luck.
A: I think that we have strikers that are capable of scoring goals at any moment. It's true that we don't have a Makaay or a Trist??n since we don't have too much central forwards. We only have Taborda, buy he hasn't been able to play due to the injuries. But I think that we have good strikers in this team.

Q: As a striker, do you feel the pressure to be considered as a bad investment if you don't end the season with an important numbers of goals?
A: It's clear that the goals are the main thing asked to a striker. But I can also contribute with a lot of hard work and mobility. I won't be a bad signing just because I don't end the campaign with an important mark of goals. I am not a prolific scorer. Last year I made eight, but this year I want to surpass this mark.

Q: If an important offer from a giant club in Europe arrives. Will you accept it?
A. For me Deportivo is a giant club in Europe, so I am already in one of the big ones.

Q: What was your best scoring mark during a season?
A: In Segunda B, I scored 20 times with Real Madrid.

Q: What phrase would you want to say to the fans before the game?
A: Support us since the beginning, you will be the player number twelve.

Q: Do you really think that Depor will play in Europe for the next year?
A: I believe that this squad is ready to play in Europe. But we can't get mad about it, we just have to keep working.

Q: What do you think about the signings of Depor?
A: That the club has bet in young people, boys that will have a long career. I hope that people will talk about Deportivo for a long time.

Q: Who is the best player that has shared a place with you on the pitch?
A: Gica Craioveanu, not only for been a friend. He is one of the best players that has performed with me.

Q: What has been the best thing that football has gave to you? and what did you missed?
A: It has gave me everything. I always wished this and you even receive a paycheck for it. What have I missed? when you go out of Madrid, you lose the contact with the family and friends.

Q: If you would have to choose between Schuster and Caparr??s, who would be your election?
A: Both of them. They are different coaches, this two men have their own style.

Q: How important is the support from the fans?
A: The support is fundamental, specially if we are at home.

Q: Any memory from the Galician derbies played on the past?
A: Yes, I saw the 3-0 game that sent Celta to Segunda. It was hard for the fans and players of Celta.

Q: I always followed you when you were in Real Madrid B. Do you have any regret for not been able to play with Madrid in Primera? Salutes from Valencia.
A: I would like that, but I am also thankful with the club since they let me go in order to play in a Primera club.

Q: Hello Riki. What do you feel about wearing the number 11. The same number that Munitis, Rivaldo, Amavisca, 'Turu' Flores and Bebeto wore in the past?
A: I am happy for it. Great players have had this number and that's a thing to be proud. Let's hope that I will have it for a long time.

Q: What do you think about Celta?
A: A very good team, competitive, with very dangerous men.

Q: Do you like the style of Caparr??s?
A: Yes I like it. We are a very compact squad. Very strong in the physical aspect. We are also a team that can play using the counterattacks.

The goodbye: Thanks for your support. I hope that we will see a great match on Sunday, and that the three points will stay in La Coru?±a. A salute to all the people that's navigating in the web.

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