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21 Apr 2016
Disaster at the Riazor. Depor suffered its biggest defeat at home in a terrible second half in which the team was simply powerless before a rival that wanted to send a message.

Coach Víctor Sánchez presented the 4-3-3 tested during Tuesday’s training session, the novelty was that Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ was covering the right side in defence, while Juanfran Moreno was switched to the left.

Manu Fernández was the goalkeeper, while the defence was completed with the presence of Sidnei Rechel and Fernando Navarro at the central positions. Álex Bergantiños, Pedro Mosquera and Celso Borges were the centre midfielders, then Cani was playing behind Lucas Pérez and Oriol Riera.

At FC Barcelona, coach Luis Enrique presented the expected 4-3-3 formation lead by Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suárez in attack. As it was expected, Marc Bartra and Javier Mascherano were the centre backs.

The first part was an exchange of blows in which the quality of Barcelona clearly prevailed. Both sides presented big problems defending, but only the visiting side capitalized its opportunities. It was a good effort by the Galicians, they just missed some aim.

Despite the tension at Barcelona after the last results, the start in the meeting was calm. The Catalans were having the ball before a Deportivo that was locked at the back and that was only putting pressure in punctual actions.

But that first impression changed quickly. The first chance in the game came at minute 6, Iniesta drilled a perfect pass to Luis Suárez, but the Uruguayan sent the ball out from the left side of the area.  One minute later, a long pass from defense was about to leave Lucas alone before the goal, but Mascherano cut the danger.

The first big chance in the match came at minute 10, a combinative play by Barcelona left Messi with the ball at the left corner of the area, he released a shot on target and Manu cleared the ball to corner-kick. And in the resulting play the visiting team scored the first goal in the meeting.

Rakitic sent a low shot from the left in the corner-kick action and Luis Suárez pushed the ball in from the goal line. It was a polemic play as the Uruguayan pushed Sidnei before connecting the ball, but not call was made by the referee.

Depor’s first chance in the game came at minute 17, Lucas chipped the ball over the defence and Borges was inches away from connecting it before Bravo blocked the attempt. Two minutes later the same Borges got the ball before Bravo and was unable to shot from inside the box, while Riera sent the ball out in the rebound.

The locals had wasted two clear chances in a matter of two minutes and they paid the price shortly after in a collective play of Barca in which Messi assisted Luis Suárez, who beat the offside trap to score from the area without any problem. The game passed from the 1-1 to the 0-2 in the blink of an eye.

The two-goal advantage didn’t kill the excitement of the game, Depor were still trying to make some damage and a long ball was close to turn into the first goal of the Galicians with Lucas firing over the bar from the left side of the area (26’)

Barca was winning without too many problems, but at the same time their cracks at the back were evident and Depor deserved more from this half . But Barcelona could have also scored more goals, mainly in the final stretch as the locals started to lose the positioning on the field. At minute 33, Luis Suárez missed a great chance to score the third, it was a great play with a cross of Jordi Alba from the left that the Uruguayan couldn’t connect properly. The ball hit his leg and went out.

Everything did right in the first part turned into a nightmare in the second. It seemed that Depor went out for the game, but it only found a furious rival and it’s own miseries. Countless chances with the Catalans having superiority inside the area and Barca didn’t miss this time.

It seemed that Depor were making a step forward trying to kill pressure in attack, but only met the third goal of Barcelona. It was a big mistake of the whole defence as nobody cleared the danger before Luis Suárez, who chipped the ball from the left corner into the opposite side, Ivan Rakitic arrived alone enough to push the ball in from close range.

The third goal killed any plan by the Galicians and they were now at the mercy of Barcelona, side that continued pushing for more. And they continuously found the cracks thanks to the clueless plan of Víctor as his team never knew how to defend a skillful rival that was always coming from more. And they didn’t wait too long as the fourth goal arrived in a new distraction in defence. Messi was alone enough to drill the ball into the path of Luis Suárez, who scored his hat-trick at will.

The visiting side was scoring the goals that missed at the end of the first part and all the impulse of Depor was already gone. The pace was lower after the changes made, Fajr replaced Navarro and Cartabia did the same with Cani. Álex was now performing at the centre of the defence, but the lagoon was still there.

Any hope of a reaction was already gone, but at least Depor were having some chances. At minute 59, Lucas was close to score with a shot from close range that Bravo repealed. Still the fifth goal arrived soon, again it was Luis Suárez and again after a big distraction in defence that allowed Neymar to assist the Uruguayan from the box, Laure didn’t clear the danger and Suárez scored at will.

If Borges missed two clear chances in the first half, now it was Lucas the one missing. At minute 68, the Galician attacker sent over the bar a short cross by Laure. Then Víctor made his last change with Jonás Gutierrez replacing Borges.

And the sixth goal arrived, and it was Messi, again the defence was passive enough to allow Luis Suárez assist the Argentine to net his tenth goal before Depor within his last five matches played there. The public at the Riazor started to leave the stadium they wanted to avoid the embarrassment, the few brave ones that stayed witnessed two more goals.

The ninth was scored by Bartra, who somehow entered the area in the middle of three defenders to drill the ball in; shortly after Neymar was heading home a cross from Luis Suárez, who ended the game with four goals scored and three assists.

Picnic in the second half for Barcelona. Depor played good football in the first part, always brave enough despite a two-goal disadvantage, but in the second the team simply fell down and Víctor never knew how to stop the bleeding. A lot of chances and empty spaces for the most lethal force in la liga and Deportivo paid a high price allowing the fourth 0-8 in the history of la liga. It’s also the worst home defeat in the history of the club, now breaking the 2-8 of last season before Real Madrid.

Depor remain the same, waiting to collect three more points in order to secure the permanence. The next game is the visit to SD Eibar (Saturday, 22h05 CET). Lopo and Arribas will be available for the game after serving their suspensions.

Deportivo: (4-3-3) Manu – Laure, Sidnei, Navarro (Fajr 58’), Juanfran – Álex Bergantiños, Mosquera, Borges (Jonás 70’) – Cani (Cartabia 59’), Riera, Lucas.
Barcelona (4-3-3) Bravo – Alves, Mascherano, Bartra, Jordi Alba (Adriano 70’) – Iniesta (Sergi Roberto 59’), Busquets (Rafinha 71), Rakitic – Messi, Suárez, Neymar.
Goals: 0-1: (10’) Luis Suárez, 0-2: (23’) Luis Suárez, 0-3: (46’)  Rakitic, 0-4: (52’) Luis Suárez, 0-5: (63’) Luis Suárez, 0-2: (72’) Messi, 0-3: (78’) Bartra, 0-8: (80’) Neymar
Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea. He showed yellow card to Cani (29’)
Venue: Riazor (28,956)
Other statistics: Other statistics: Ball possession (34% - 66%); Attempts to score (5 – 10); Total shots (16 - 19); Shots on target (5 - 10); Saves by the keepers (2 - 5); Corner-kicks (6 - 2); Offsides (0 - 2); Fouls committed (11 - 8); Passing accuracy (81% - 92%)





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