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22 Apr 2016
The worst home loss for Deportivo, and all was caused by a poor planning of the game. Víctor has been switching the draws lately and this time the team paid a high price for its mistakes.

The following are the six notes from the game Vs. Barcelona:

1- A risky starting lineup: A 4-3-3 lineup is a draw that needs sacrifice as the players search for numeric advantage in certain zones of the field, and above all a team needs confidence to deploy it, especially facing FC Barcelona, a team that feels pretty comfortable when a rival copies their scheme. And the decision of using this scheme was highly risky due to the poor confidence of a team that has only won once since Christmas.

In the first half the draw seemed to work as Depor competed, even with the 0-2 in the scoresheet, but it’s also true that Depor were allowing a lot of chances to Barca and only their lack of aim prevented more goals in the first part, once the third goal was scored at the beginning of the second half, Depor surrendered and showed up their miseries and the lack of confidence of a team in a descending line.

2- No plan: Perhaps the most worrying conclusion from the game is to confirm that Víctor continues to fail in the planning of the games. Truly the casualties conditioned the last games, but it’s surprising to see the coach presenting three very different draws (4-4-2, 5-3-2 & 4-3-3) in three games played in a frame of eleven days, especially the scheme with five defenders, which had never been used before with this coach.
The lack of a plan includes the lack of a reaction to fix the problems during the game. It was evident that the strategy wasn’t working, but the coach didn’t change anything until the score was 0-4.

3- Disaster in the second half: The problem of the second half was that the third goal arrived too soon, after it the team surrendered and continued using a scheme that was only giving more spaces to the rival, then Víctor lasted too much in reacting and when he switched to the 4-4-2 it was too late as the team wasn’t responding, other sign of the lack of confidence in a team that’s begging to end the season.

4- Pass accuracy: The fact that both sides used an open 4-3-3 allowed to see a high pass accuracy at both teams, Barca had a 92% and Depor 81%. Precisely it was what killed Depor as Barca’s main virtue is to pass the ball.  So, one of the best passing games of Depor coincided with their worst defeat ever at the Riazor. 8 of the 14 players that had minutes with Depor ended the game with a ratio of 80% or more, with Cartabia completing the 100% of his 22 attempts.

5- Manu: The most criticized player has been Manu, truly he is a keeper that transmits little confidence, but neither he can be blamed for the debacle. He made a great save when the score was still 0-0 and later was unable to block anything but, as Víctor said after the game, the goals were all one-on-one situations inside the area in which a keeper will hardly block the attempt, especially when the assistor is making lateral passes forcing the keeper to move from side to side.

6- A defeat for the records: This is the worst home defeat in the history of Deportivo playing in a league competition. The last time the Galicians lost by a margin of eight goals was for the visit to CD Málaga at Segunda División (8-0, March 14, 1982). This is also the 4th time in the history of al liga that a visiting team achieves a 0-8 score. The previous three times were also conquered by FC Barcelona: UD Las Palmas (1959), UD Almeria (2010) and Córdoba CF (2015)



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