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27 Apr 2016
La Voz de Galicia wrote a report arguing that the players aren’t wanting the continuity of Víctor ahead of next season, the source understands that the officials will decide what to do at the end of the season despite he was recently renewed.

Sunday’s game before Getafe CF is crucial for the permanence, but things didn’t start well on this important week after newspaper La Voz de Galicia published an article on Monday arguing that the team is tired of coach Víctor Sánchez.

Journalist Alexandre Centeno even wrote that an unidentified player talked to the coach after the 1-1 draw with Sevilla CF, and that this player invited him to leave at the end of the season arguing that the squad is no longer supporting him. The same source claims that the relation with the president and his advisors has turned to be cold after the most recent results.

Other rumours without confirmation point out that Víctor was upset with the officials after the club only signed Pletikosa during the winter window, while there was even a report that he presented his resignation after the 0-8 with FC Barcelona, something that apparently wasn’t accepted. The latest is that both, Tino Fernández and Víctor Sánchez, had a meeting on Monday, something confirmed by La Voz de Galicia.

Víctor renewed his contract with Deportivo in January, it is lasting until July 0f 2017 despite the club wanted a longer duration. But his team has fell down in the second round of la liga, to the point that it only achieved one victory within the last nineteen meetings.

Now, only three months after signing an extension the fans, and apparently the club’s officials too, are having big doubts with Víctor, not necessarily with his virtues as a coach, but with his abilities to direct a group that isn’t matching the expectations after a solid first round.



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