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07 May 2016
Luisinho and the situation of Víctor were the main subjects analysed during the week, though the players wanted to insist that the important thing is Sunday’s game against Villarreal.


Víctor: “I see the criticism is following the easy way, which is the coach, because when things are bad then we fire him and one new will come, but we need self-criticism. We, all the people at Depor, are guilty.   The players should be pointed too for what has happened, because the responsible ones are us and also the coach, and later the rest, the board and the media a little bit.”

Favour from his former club: “I don’t like to ask for favours. They aren’t playing for anything in la liga and we are in need, and it must be noticed on the pitch. I wouldn’t like to see others asking for favours. They play well and it will be difficult.”


Víctor: “I don’t like to blame a coach, but the one to blame is always the coach, because he is in charge. We are with him and must be with him until the end. We are football players, he orders and we must do things for him. Later, above the coach, is the club, the president. We must be focused in the goal, in Sunday’s game, which is the most important thing.”

Message for the fans: “I understand them. Their reaction is normal. What we want is to see them with us, always, cheering up and pressing. Let’s hope we will give them the joy that they deserve. Let’s see if within these two games we can offer a gift to them.”

Math for salvation: “First we must look at ourselves, but the players always look to what others teams do. We have to look at them, but if we win then we don’t need to do it. We must enter the field and win. And that’s it. We must be focused in the work we need to do and that’s it.”


Luisinho: “The issue has been coming out in the media and what we have to extract is that things are complicated and that we need points to get the salvation, and if we continue talking of other things, then we won’t get the goal. The decision of who should train or not is from the club, we cannot valorise that. We can only respect the decisions and help to add in order to have a better performance.”

Villarreal: “We don’t know what could happen, we presume they can make changes as there could be injuries. What we know is that they have a competitive squad that’s used to make rotations. It’s a solid team that allows only a few goals, so any player entering trend to yield at the top. Any of their four strikers could be starters at any team at Primera División. It’s a complicate game and we hope the emotions from the game in Europe can affect them during Sunday’s game.”

Union: “We want to transmit a message of union, we have passed trough hard moments in past seasons and we need to be united. At the end of the season you can search for the responsible one for what has happened. But for now we can only think of adding on Sunday. All the parties need to add, all the parties involved at Deportivo.”


Luisinho: “This is a week in which people aren’t talking of the game, of the goal, which the victory that we need to conquer in Villarreal in order to be saved. Luisinho is one more partner. He was having issues and only completed part of the training; we hope that tomorrow he can complete the full session in order to be available.”

The permanence: “This is the only fire that should be worrying us, things got complicated and, as Fernando Navarro said before, we put both feet in the mud and need to move forward and close the permanence, because our people are suffering. It must be noticed that a team is playing for something before another one that’s playing for nothing.” 

Second round: “Evidently the second round has been pretty bad, not even winning in Villarreal things would change, but the true is that we must win. We must win and at least leave Depor at Primera, but things weren’t made in the right way during the second round.”

Victor: “Evidently we are with the coach, and above all we are with Deportivo. Deportivo is above everything else, even the players and coaches. The players must die for this badge, because this club pay us and because the fans have been good and deserve to not suffer in a dramatic last matchday.”


Luisinho: “He is training with us and is fine. He is one more partner and is training without any problem. This is an issue that must be taken by the president and I won’t express my opinion.”

Sunday’s game: “Sunday is the day when we have to clinch the permanence. The game is going to be complicated, but we need to get a positive result.” 




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