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10 May 2016
Satisfaction at Depor’s squad after clinching the permanence. Víctor and Tino Fernández hinted that the coach is going to continue on next season, though it wasn’t totally confirmed by the president.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was satisfied as his Deportivo clinched the salvation. In the press conference after the game he was asked if he was expecting for a Villarreal playing too relaxed, and the response was, “This was our idea, knowing we were going to meet a team that already had reached the goal, but that still had a large squad with quality players, also facing the difficulty of facing a game that was the last one for Villarreal at home, which could have been an incentive for their players, because they wanted to please their fans. It was a situation that put us in alert not thinking they were going to be screwed after the elimination in Europe. We tried to prepare the game according to our characteristics, waiting to release the counterattack. “

Then the coach said that this game was different as his Deportivo finally had some good luck, “We were also able to close the game and the first goal was important, thanks to the depth of the side defenders, today we created good scoring opportunities. The rival also created chances and that luck that didn’t join us in the second round, it was here now and it allowed the ball to hit the post instead of entering [the chance for Baptistão at minute 61]. Many times in the second round we paid a high price in those plays.”

The Madrilenian man continued explaining the change of luck in this game, “We have been close before but had missed that point of luck that marked the difference. Point of luck or point of aim, because today we recovered our aim before the goal, something that’s really important. It was really important and we talked to the players about it. Throughout the second round we were penalized by the high effectiveness of the rivals, because the difference in the number of opportunities was too big. I said it before it was incredible in some home games the difference in the chances that we did and the ones of the rival, but we were penalised by our lack if aim. In this sense it’s always important to achieve a clean sheet, because at least it allows to get a point.”

Some members of RCLDC.com prepared a video to motivate the players, and the coach admitted that he showed it to his men before the kick-off, “In the end we are very content, especially for the players. We congratulate and thank them for their good season, we offer the victory to the fans, who have been suffering for our bad streak. The victory is for the people that were here, and also for the ones around the world, we showed today a video to the players in the pre-game talking, it had messages from the fans and it was really emotive for the full squad.”

He was feeling content as Deportivo clinched the goal of the permanence, “This was the goal why we were hired and had to face teams with a bigger budget, a highest salary cap and it conditions what you can do, and despite the large list of problems that we recently faced, the team closed the goal and we are happy for that.”

Finally, Víctor didn’t want to talk about his continuity ahead of next season, “I believe that, right now, we are here in order to talk of other things. Besides I am under contract and I believe we cannot talk about it.”

The players celebrating inside the changing room

Fayçal Fajr was feeling content with the victory, “We made the game that we wanted to do. We already clinched the goal and we are content as we deserve this.” He was giving his opinion about the performance of the team in the second round, “I don’t know what happened, we made a good first round and in the second all the teams were waiting. for us. We did everything to win and in the end we have clinched the permanence.”

The Moroccan scored a great goal, but he believes that it wasn’t his best goal at Deportivo, “I don’t think this was my best goal. The best was at home before Rayo [Vallecano], but it was a great goal. The goal of Lucas was also good. The most important thing is the victory. Now we must enjoy it.”

Álex Bergantiños was also talking of the game, “We have made a very complete game, suffering as a team and facing a rival that likes to have the possession. We clinched the goal, which is the important thing.”

The midfielder was also analysing the second round of Deportivo, “We faced all kinds of situations; I believe there were games, especially at home, in which we deserved more. We drew a lot and it penalized us to not get victories. In the end we lost impulse and faced some lack of confidence, so things were a little long and it turned to be difficult.”

Laure was confessing that the team has been feeling more comfortable playing on the road, “When we had to deal with the weight of the game, then we felt more comfortable playing outside home, playing bottled. For this game we knew that we needed to reset things. We analysed what worked for us in the first round and tried to copy it.”

“We had that responsibility and the duty to make a rounded match. With the 0-0 any failure could have penalised you and later it’s hard to come back, but the goal by Fajr was good to us. We didn’t breathe until the final whistle was made, we removed a burden from us.” The captain added.

Juanfran Moreno was expressing his happiness with the salvation of Depor, “We were involved in this problem and we managed to go out in a brilliant game before a rival from the Champions. We reset things and this time were much more defensive. Depor had good things on this year and others that weren’t good, and we must keep working in order to have the Depor that the fans deserve.”

President Tino Fernández was feeling relived with the team clinching the permanence, “We are happy and feeling relieved. We had a great chance and in the end we made the job. We suffered a lot, we were pending of other results, but in the end everything worked out. The merit is for the players and the coaching staff.”

Asked about the continuity of Víctor, he didn’t want to confirm that he will be at Depor for next season, but neither denied it, “Víctor is under contract and I always say that the contracts exist in order to be fulfilled, but we always talk at the end of the season and analyse things with depth, but in the beginning his contract is there. We must think carefully from this tranquillity, to see and fix things in order to continue growing.”

At Villarreal CF, coach Marcelino Toral was feeling sorry for the defeat, “We had a lot of hope in the European final and to end out was a hard hit. If you add to this that the fourth place was already secured, then to face today’s game was difficult. We wanted to win in order to thank the fans, but it wasn’t possible. It’s not that we were depressed, we were depressed on Thursday, but not today.”




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