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19 Nov 2006
A painful defeat for Deportivo. The <i>Blanquiazul</i> team lost its first liga game at the Riazor, and it happened against the most hated rival: Celta Vigo. A counterattack of Nen? at the end of the match was enough to secure three points for the visitors. Depor had troubles to generate danger against a very solid defensive line, Pinto was almost a spectator in this game.

Both teams started the game as everybody was expecting. Caparr??s repeated the same defensive line of the last two liga games with Arbeloa on the right, and the duo Lopo-Juanma on the centre. Verd?? appeared as playmaker, Arizmendi as left winger, and Riki as striker. In Celta, the casualties forced Fernando V??zquez to use emergency solutions, like the presence of Yago Alonso as central defender, or the appearance of Jonathan Aspas as right winger.

There were some incidents before the game started. Three of the buses that were carrying the Celta's fans were hit with stones. The police said that the same Celta fans were the ones that planned everything since the windows were broken from the inside, but the drivers confirmed to reporters that the attack was made by some kids. Three persons got injured. Later some of the Celta's fans that were at the stadium began to break the chairs, and they threw it to the Depor supporters that were near to them, the police stopped the vandalism. Nobody got injured in this last case.

Deportivo started to dominated the actions, but the home side had difficulties all through the night to surpass a solid defensive line implemented by the visitors. The first occasion to score was for Celta; Baiano received a long ball and his cross passed near to the right post of Aouate. It was the first action alerting about the danger that Celta was able to create using counterattacks.

The first ten minutes were intense, but later the game became cold and boring. Depor wasn't able to create occasions to score, and the only actions that generated some danger were the stationary plays taken by Verd?? and long-distance shots, like the one of Riki at minute 31.  Celta was just waiting for their occasion, and Borja Oubi?a managed midfield with good criteria. Fernando Baiano also showed to be concentrated on the game, he was the main headache for Juanma and Lopo.

Javier Arizmendi had to leave the pitch at minute 40th. The Madrilian suffered muscular problems during the week, and he started to feel some pain. Caparr??s decided to replace him with Fabi??n Estoyanoff. The Uruguayan made a couple of good crosses during the five minutes that he spent on the pitch.

Caparr??s saw that his team was stuck on the pitch and decided to make an early bet. He sent Sebasti??n Taborda to replace Sergio at half-time. The Sevillan coach knew that the defensive line of Celta would only be penetrated with an specific action, like a corner-kick or a cross to the box. That's why the aerial game of the Uruguayan striker was chosen as an alternative.

In this way, Depor changed the tactic. Verd?? played alongside Coloccini in the pivote functions, Riki moved his position to the left wing and Cristian started to perform as playmaker. An offensive formation that didn't change the situation. The game continued to be blocked, boring and without too many occasions to score.

Depor dominated the actions once again, but the only way to create chances to score were with long balls, crosses from Estoyanoff and with corner-kicks searching for Taborda. Precisely that's how the goal of Celta arrived. A shot from Verd?? was deflected by the defensive line and Depor had a corner in favour. The Catalan took it, but Celta stole the ball and started a fast counterattack that ended with Nen? sending the ball across to the right post of Aouate.

It was a hard hit for the home side. Caparr??s sent Iago to replace Cristian in a desperate measure to reach the draw, but it was too late. Iago and Taborda had chances during the last minutes, but the shot of the Galician youngster was blocked by Pinto, while the Uruguayan wasn't able to score when he received the ball in the penalty spot. The desperation even caused the second yellow card for Lopo at minute 88.

Depor lost its image as an unbeatable team at home against the most heated rival, Celta. Curiously, the scorer of the goal was a player near to signed during the summer, Nen?. A very painful situation for the club and the fans. The defeat also means a setback in the European aspiration of Deportivo. Caparr??s's team occupies now the tenth position of the table. Now it's time to see further, The next liga game for Depor will take place next Sunday against Osasuna at the Reyno de Navarra.

Deportivo: Aouate - Arbeloa, Lopo, Juanma, Capdevila - Coloccini, Sergio (Taborda 46') - Arizmendi (Estoyanoff 40'), Verd??, Cristian (Iago 73') - Riki.
Celta: Pinto - ?ngel, Yago, Contreras, Placente - Oubi?a, Iriney - Jonathan Aspas (Jorge Larena 90+3'), Canobbio, Nen? - Baiano.
Goal: 0-1: (73') Nen?.
Referee: Velasco Carballo He showed yellow card to Sergio (27'), Oubi?a (28'), Placente (66'), Taborda (84') and Pinto (84'). Lopo was sent off with two yellow cards (35' and 88').
Venue: Riazor. (33,000).
Other statistics:  Ball possession (52% - 48%); Shots (21 - 11); Shots on goal (4 - 2); corner-kicks (6 - 2); Offsides (2 - 3); Fouls (33 -23).

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