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16 May 2016
Not too much to rescue from an indifferent Deportivo that only tried to close the season without a big punishment. Pletikosa received more applauses that anyone else and Cartabia was once again the best player.

1- Indifference: Little can be rescued in a tactical sense from the game. Deportivo were simply indifferent to the result and spent the whole first half only waiting for Real Madrid, something that normally turns to be deadly. In this sense the score wasnít higher by half-time only because the Madrilenians didnít push too hard and when they tried then Ronaldo met the woodwork twice or found Pletikosa.

In the second half Deportivo improved and had a little more depth in attack, but it was also because Real Madrid copied Deporís indifference as it understood that they werenít going to clinch the title, so the match became into an open game without intensity but with some good scoring opportunities.

The indifference can also be applied to the fans, who were more eager to watch the tribute to Arsenio Iglesias than the last game of their team. Also to point out to the signboards saw at the stands. ďLess declarations and more ballsĒ one of them said. Pletikosa, in his first game at the Riazor, received more applauses than the rest of the team, signs that the public isnít happy with what has happened in recent months.

2- Pletikosa: It was weird, but true: a veteran with twenty years in the game like Stipe Pletikosa was retiring in his first home game with Deportivo. The defensive approach of Deportivo pushed him to be noticed and the true is that he looked comfortable facing the BBC.

Statistically the Croatian goalie only made three saves, but it must be reminded that he impressed with a double save before James in a play ruled out for an offside and that it didnít count in the statistics. Enough to ask why he didnít play before Manu.

3- Again Cartabia: In recent games Fede Cartabia was the best player on the field and the picture was repeated again. With Lucas out of the picture, and with the intermittence of Luis Alberto, the Argentine was the most dangerous player of a team that barely attacked. He completed three of the ten shots made by the team and was the Deporís player with more touches (78)

4- Růber at the Riazor: This was the first liga game for Růber Pier at the Riazor, and the true us that he was about to make the big surprise of the evening after been close to score in his first intervention in the game. But Navas saved his header from close range. Later he was fine in defence, though facing a Real Madrid that was already thinking of the Champions League.

5- Sidnei & Arribas: Once again Alejandro Arribas and Sidnei Rechel demonstrated that they are by far the best defensive couple at Deportivo. Both made a great job when Real Madrid were pushing hardly and even had time to combine and create one of the few scoring chances for Depor. For a long time Sidnei has been looking for his goal and hasnít succeeded yet, but itís always an interesting factor at the moment of joining the attacks.



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