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16 May 2016
Depor’s coach said that he expects to continue on next season, the same was said by Sidnei, while Manuel Pablo doesn’t know yet if he will retire.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was analyzing the game, “The season is over and we were able to achieve the goal. There was a game with two different parts, in the first Real Madrid clearly dominated the game and put two goals. In the second it influenced the knowledge of Barcelona’s result. The pace was lower and we improved a lot. We had our opportunities and I believe we saw a good game. The intention was to clinch a good result in front of our fans, but it wasn’t possible. In any case the fans celebrated the permanence, something really important for the club.”

He was paying a tribute to Pletikosa, who announced his retirement, “There was also an emotive situation with the game of Pletikosa. We talked of his situation as he announced it was going to be his last game. It was a motivation to make a good game and it was exciting to see the Riazor offering a standing ovation. He has been a partner with a good behavior despite not having too many chances. He made a great game and supported his partners. I’m happy for him.”

The coach was also paying a tribute to Manuel Pablo, “We must also mention the game made by Manuel Pablo. He is our captain and it wasn’t an easy game for him, lacking pace and facing the powerful players of Real Madrid. He showed a great character and we are happy for him.”

A journalist asked if he had the feeling that this was his last game at Depor and the coach only responded, “No, I don’t have that feeling.”  Finally, Víctor was reflecting on his two seasons at the club, “We must analyze with calm what has happened. We need to see the good and the bad things, there will be a moment to prepare the next season. The club must move on giving little steps. We passed from a season in which we suffered until the end in order to clinch the permanence to a situation on this year in which the goal was already achieved in the last game. It’s important to move on no matter it’s through giving small steps, this in order to solidify the project.”

Sidnei Rechel was talking of the game and the season of Deportivo, “We made a good work before a great team. In the second half the game was more equal. We aren’t content with the result, but are satisfied foe ending the season. I believe it was a good season as we clinched the goal, though after the first round we were expecting for better things, but I believe the situation was good on this season.”

The Brazilian defender was asked if he is planning to leave during the summer and he answered that, “I believe that I will be here again in June. Now I am only thinking of enjoying the vacation.”

Álex Bergantiños commented the game and what happened throughout the season, “We needed to end this season and disconnect. We did what we could before a great team. It was a decent game for our side and now it’s time to recharge the batteries. It’s clear that we didn’t do everything right during the whole season. We thank the fans for the support and I believe they valorize that the team will continue at Primera. We must analyze the things that were made wrongly and need to fix it.”

The midfielder also commented the situation with Luisinho and Lopo, “It isn’t pleasant. We don’t like to see things from the changing room going out in the press. In this case things were out of control. The people tried to hold on until the goal was fulfilled. It wasn’t pleasant and we need to fix it.”

Manuel Pablo confessed that he doesn’t know if he will retire now, “I don’t know. We have to talk and I commented my feelings with the club. I don’t know, I still have two more years and feel comfortable at the club. Let’s see what they decide. I love everything about football and already know that I will love everything coming later, but I can tell you that what I enjoy the most is training on the pitch with the partners.”

The captain of Deportivo also talked of all the things that happened during the week, “We lived tough things on this season, but we didn’t handle in the right way what happened within the last two weeks. We weren’t smart and left a bad impression in the fans. There’s a moment to say things and we weren’t smart. In this exchanges of words, we should have known that it didn’t benefit anyone. We suffered in the end and it isn’t good as people had to bear the bad moment in a sporting sense and later had the bad taste in the mouth in a social aspect. We cannot be part of a public war.”

At Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane was satisfied with his team despite not been able to win the league, “I am proud of all the players and the people that work around this team. We are a little disappointed, but after 38 matchdays we must think that Barcelona is above us and we cannot change it, they deserved the league and I salute my players.”




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