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20 Nov 2006
To lose a derby match at home is a situation that nobody likes to live. Depor's players were frustrated for this reason. Some of them, like Arbeloa and Riki, said that the strategy implemented during the second half wasn't the correct one. There were also some criticism for the way in which Celta scored the goal. In Celta the happiness was evident, however the scorer of the goal, Nen?©, didn't want to talk with reporters.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s said that he was expecting to see a game like this one: "We lose our first home match, and it happened against the rival that nobody wanted to see victorious. Celta played using counterattacks, exactly the way that we were expecting to see, they have men that know how to play with open spaces, and the only goal came that way."

The Sevillan trainer also affirmed that his players didn't have the capacity to react after the goal scored by Nen?©: "During the last twenty five minutes, we played a direct football without too much sense, but before that, we locked up Celta in its own area. Later the goal arrived, and that was a hard hit for us, we started to send a lot of long balls because the squad was tired, and we thought that it was the best way to reach the draw."

One of the players that was more depressed with the defeat was Iago Iglesias, the only Galician in Deportivo's first squad said that he was feeling sorry for the fans: "We always want to go out and help the squad. People also try to support us in these kinds of encounters, and they are hoping to see the team achieving the win. That's the thing that affects me the most."

Iago also said that he doesn't believe that Depor is in the middle of a crisis: "Now, we must analyse the errors and try to find the solutions. There isn't a crisis. Nobody talked about a crisis before and now it would be exaggerated. We are in a position that is still positive, we can be at the top in any moment, and we are calmed down."

?lvaro Arbeloa said that Deportivo was superior to Celta until the rival scored the goal: "They killed the game with that goal, and we didn't know how to react to this situation. We can't allow a goal when we are taking a corner in the other side of the pitch, it can't happen again." The defender also said that he feels comfortable playing as right back: "To play in this team is a very expensive thing, and you have to do it at any position that the coach wants."

The Madrilian player also appointed that the strategy used in the second half wasn't the correct one: "Maybe we abused the aerial game too much. During the first half, we were making a lot of passes, but in the second period, with Taborda on, we sent too much balls to the air." Arbeloa also expects to see the first away win in the next visit to Pamplona: "After the first home defeat, the first away victory will come, it will be in Pamplona. Osasuna also needs the three points, and now it's when we will see the real Depor, and if we are capable to react."

Riki also thinks that the tactics implemented during the second half wasn't the best one: "With the entrance of Sebasti??n Taborda, we were too much precipitated trying to search for the goal with long balls. That kind of game is useful during some occasions, but in this one, they were really well placed on the pitch, and they were superior to us in these actions."

The ex-Getafe striker also criticised the team for the way in which Celta scored the goal: "If you allow a goal when you are taking a corner-kick, it's because something has failed." He also appointed that the match in Osasuna should be the first away win for Depor: "We must go for the three points. The situation in Pamplona is complicated and it could be a nice place to achieve the victory."

Depor's president, Augusto C?©sar Lendoiro, assumed that Celta was the logical winner since they knew how to use the counterattacks: "Celta took advantage of a singe play in which they knew what to do with the ball. Maybe a draw was a more deserved result, but they knew how to exploit their game and there isn't to much to be commented."

Meanwhile, the reporters at the Riazor tried to talk with Nen?©, the scorer of the goal, but the Brazilian refused to make any declarations. A situation that surprised the media. Celta's captain Pinto was really happy with the victory, and especially for the fact that it was against a special rival: "It's a victory that will give us a lot of confidence, we haven't been regular at home, and to beat the eternal rival is a thing that could give us a boost."

Coach Fernando V??zquez said that his team dominated the game, and that it was a deserved victory for his side: "It has been an important win, it means a lot for our city and the fans, and we are happy with it. The players are also happy since we dominated the game. Depor didn't know how to react after our goal. We could even score a second and a third goal."

The club announced in its website that Rub?©n Castro will play the next six months in Gimn??stic de Tarragona. The Canarian striker was loaned out to Racing Santander at the beggining of the season, but Rub?©n never convinced coach Portugal and only participated in a couple of liga matches. N??stic got interested in the player since ?“scar L??pez (ex-Betis) will be out of action until June for injury reasons.

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