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20 Nov 2006
The media in Spain has been unanimous: The Galician derby was an ugly match. The papers appoint that both teams showed a poor face on this confrontation, and that Celta achieved the victory using the only possible way: a counterattack. The papers in Vigo celebrated the win as a big achievement for Fernando V??zquez's team. After all, they were facing the game as "victims" due to the casualties in Celta's squad.

La Voz de Galicia: A very bad day for the art. A derby without football, with the ball in the air and the players on the ground. Too much long balls, a lot of fouls and two scared squads that demonstrated that the glorious times of the past are far and away. Celta won the game thanks to a good counterattack from Jonathan (Aspas) that Nen?© ended, but the truth is that both teams demonstrated its own limitations.

It was a strange derby since Celta took control of the game while Depor was speculating with counterattacks. Exactly the opposite situation that everybody was expecting to see. Celta had the ball, and tried to circulate it around the pitch, but they didn't generate danger. With the ball in the boots of Oubi?±a and Iriney, the talent of Cannobio and Nen?© was missing, both of them blocked by the home defenders. Meanwhile, Depor was doing the job of the visitor: waiting for the rival's error and a good counterattack. Caparr??s team didn't want to be expose to Celta's counterattacks, as happened to Real Madrid. Verd?? was desperate and Riki too.

Deportivo searched the goal in the only possible way: crosses to the area. Pinto was facing these actions nervously. Caparr??s saw it and he sent a winger, Estoyanoff, and a tank, Taborda. In this way the squad was facing the aerial game with the proper weapons. Caparr??s exploited the long balls and generated danger, but without success. With Taborda on the pitch, the game changed. Deportivo found more football with Verd?? in his new position, and preferred to play on the right wing taking advantage of Estoyanoff's qualities. The duel recuperated the predicted script, and every team assumed its roll, and that's when Celta found petroleum. Precisely with the weapon that Deportivo was fearing: the counterattack. Alfonso Andrade.

AS: The derby started in the worst way possible. Buses with broken windows and some Celta supporters ripping the sits from the stadium. Later the football showed by both teams wasn't a thing to be celebrated, but at least the reward was for the best team over the grass: Celta. V??zquez's team has now thirteen points as visitors, and they demonstrated that the victory at the Bernabe?? wasn't an accident. They are now the kings of Galicia, 40 victories in the derbies against 39 for Depor, and that's more than just three points. Luis de La Cruz.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: Riazor chose the worst day to lose its virginity. It was against the eternal rival, and that's like putting salt to the wound created with the continuos existence of long balls and the hiding tactic of Celta. The visitors were really smart and they gave the ball to Deportivo in order to strike with a counterattack that gave the victory. A win that could be seen as undeserved if we think that a derby match is an attitude that means more than a result. Depor made its best effort. Another thing is that this situation is useful in order to alleviate the suffering. But at least the pride is intact. However, the result demonstrated that Depor is still facing a lot of deficiencies that are limiting its own game. Rodri Su??rez.

El Ideal Gallego: Celta destroys the fortress. The lack of football in Deportivo cost the first home defeat of the season, a result that was suffered against a Celta that took advantage of its security in defence, and its effectiveness in counterattacks. Fernando V??zquez succeeded with his tactics and took the three points from the Blanquiazul stadium, a place where Depor achieved thirteen of fifteen possible points. Although the casualties for this game, the visitors showed a better image on the pitch. Very well placed, Celta limited its game to erase Depor's strikers from the map. They didn't allow the rival to think and took advantage of the velocity of Nen?© and Cannobio, despite of the quality of Baiano upfront.

Faro de Vigo: Bala?­dos should be closed. Celta must play outside in every possible occasion, better if this can be in Riazor. This strange behavior is reserving the best glories for the visits, and the best one has been this wonderful victory in the derby. The result is allowing Celta to dream of the European competitions. But soon the fans will want to see this result at home. But for now this is a day to celebrate, to enjoy with the heroes that went to La Coru?±a hurt, exhausted and bleeding. They maintained the pride and the necessary intelligence, enough things to achieve the win in a match without too much quality. At least it was intense like the classics from the past. Armando ?lvarez.

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