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06 Jul 2016
An emotional Fabricio conceded a press conference on Tuesday. The goalkeeper said that he is leaving Deportivo because he wants to play the Champions League.

Awkward moments at the press room at the Riazor during Tuesday’s noon. Fabricio Agosto conceded a press conference in order to say good-bye to the fans. He was crying all the time, to the point that the press conference was stopped in a couple of opportunities. At the same time, he said that the decision of leaving was made at the last minute despite everybody in the room knew that he reached an agreement with Beşiktaş since January.

He started explaining why he is leaving, “This isn’t a good-bye, just a see you soon. I believe I made a last-minute decision [he begins to cry for the first time] I thought about it and meditated. It was very hard to make this decision [again crying] It was a very hard decision. For me this is my home, but I chose the option of Beşiktaş because… [crying for the third time] I have giving everything on here.”

“I believe that I was willing to face a new challenge and fulfill a new dream, which was to dispute the Champions League [crying]. I believe the sporting subject was determinant. Right now it’s very difficult to do it in the Spanish league and I believe I have to search for the dream outside here, but this is my home [pause as he is crying again] and I believe that Beşiktaş is the right choice for this. I believe I’m joining a big club and a big city, it is an honor for me to face this new challenge.” He added.

Then the goalkeeper started to thank everyone, “I want to thank the club for allowing this press conference and to be able to say good-bye to everyone. I want to thank you for your presence, because you are the carrier of my words to the people [crying], so they can hear me, because I decided to leave to another team.”

“Now I want to make a long trip across the last three years. I want to thank the club, especially Tino [Fernández] and his people, who have made a very good job. What they are doing, taking the club from the ashes, and lift it little by little, something that hasn’t been pretty. They were honest with us, they told us to only be worried of playing, while they were going to do the rest. Special mention to the president, who is one more Deportivista. Thank you president.” He added.

He continued with his positive words towards the club’s employees and players, “I also want to thank all the employees [crying again], who each day work hard for the club, in all aspects. All the people at the board and the assistants, who had an external responsibility sometimes we don’t notice it, but that’s always important. Thank you from my heart [crying]. Also thanks to the doctors that have helped me. Many thanks to all. I also want to thank the partners that have passed here during these three years. They have helped me a lot, people that won important titles, like Carlos Marchena… Antonio Nuñez. They helped us to achieve the promotion, which was the greatest feeling that I had on here [crying]. Special mention to Manu Sotelo, who helped me to grow us. Also my big brother Manuel Pablo [crying].”

Fabricio ended his speech saying that, “I am leaving knowing that I gave everything and this is the moment to face a new challenge. I will never forget these three years. It helped me to remove the torn that I left when I was too young. This should change the perspective of the old Fabricio and the one that’s now leaving. I want to thank the fans, without them it will be impossible. I want to thank them for moving out and watch us. I know it is expensive. I hope to relive the same feelings in my next phase. I was fortunate to join this club at the age of 17 and to feel these colours. Many thanks to all and hope to see you in the future.” 




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