24 Nov 2006
Joan Capdevila has been the captain of the team in the eleven liga matches played so far, he talked with newspaper <i>La Opini??n</i> and said that Depor has to face the away games with a new mentality, and that the squad has to beat the anxiety in order to achieve its objectives. The Catalan defender also confessed that the renewal negotiations with Lendoiro are stopped.

Q: How is facing the squad the first defeat at home?
A: With tranquility. It's logical to be depressed when you lose a special match like the one with Celta, but with the days passing, you start to see it with coldness.

Q: The consolation is to see the current spot that the club is occupying in the table.
A: It helps. We have sixteen points, and we aren't living a dramatic situation. What happens is that when you lose a derby, specially at home, you finish broken. What we have to do is to keep on working and continue in the saw way.

Q: Now the veterans should be the ones cheering up the youngsters.
A: We should surpass the situation together, that's why we are a team. When the things are OK, is very easy to say that we are a team, but now is when we have to demonstrate that the players are united. We lost a game, nothing more.

Q: Will this defeat affect the ideas that the squad has been developing on the pitch?
A: No. We shouldn't change, but we have to correct our errors. During the second half, we didn't play as we wanted. We abused of the long balls. I can only say that sometimes the circumstances are the ones that determine the game that you practice. The team is in a good line, and as soon as we start to win away from home, we will be a little more calmed down. In football everything depends on the results that you are capable to achieve.

Q: How is the squad in order to face Osasuna?
A: I believe that this game is arriving in a bad moment. They are hurried because the team is in the relegation zone, and they will be more worried than us. We also want to win since we want to end those tales about our lack of wins outside home, but if we go with anxiety, we won't make it. Deportivo has to make its game and face Osasuna with a mentality that we haven't showed before.

Q: How is your renovation process?
A: The same thing, everything is stopped. I guess that it will be a long negotiation. The club already contacted me and now we will have to negotiate. We have to talk and let's see how far both parties can go.

Q: Are you worried to know about your future?
A: Relatively. I am OK and concentrated in the daily work, but is true that this thing should be solved as soon as possible, it's the best for everybody.

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