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25 Jul 2016
Deportivo ended the tour in Uruguay with a 2-2 draw against Peñarol. The Galicians were winning 2-0 by minute 84 and it was necessary a penalty shootout to define the winner.

Coach Gaizka Garitano presented a 5-4-1 lineup. Lux was the starting goalie, Bruno Gama was improvised as a right-back, then there was a line of three centre-backs with Arribas, Navarro and Sidnei. Saúl García was performing on the left flank. Álex Bergantiños and Guilherme were the centre midfielders, Borja Valle attacked from the right flank, Fajr was the left winger and Lucas Pérez was the centre forward.

The locals started dominating the game, full-back Olivera was close to surprise Lux with a low cross that hit the far post (1’). Depor were trying to play on the counterattack, but it wasn’t stepping into the rival’s area.

But the first big opportunity in the game wad for the Galicians. Bruno Gama made a great play on the right wing and assisted Guilherme, and the volley of the Brazilian firing from the edge of the area was cleared by Gastón Guruceaga to corner-kick (9’).

Peñarol responded with a shot by Urruti that missed the near post of Lux by inches (12’). Four minutes later Bruno Gama was assisted by Borja Valle and his low attempt was cleared by Guruceaga to corner-kick.

Precisely, Bruno Gama and Borja Valle, together with Guilherme, were the best men for Depor during the first half. The first two were fulfilling their roles of full-backs and made a good job, though it wasn’t enough to harm the rival.

Later Depor started to have the ball, though it was missing depth. Lucas was isolated and barely appeared. Neither Peñarol was finding the way to the goal, so the final fifteen minutes in the first half were boring. The best chance in this frame was a shot by Urruti from inside the box that went far (34’).

Rubén Martinez and Raúl Albentosa replaced Lux and Navarro. And Deportivo scored after only 25 seconds in the second half. Bruno Gama fired a low attempt from the right corner of the area, Guruceaga couldn’t control the ball, it hit Lucas and turned into an assist that Guilherme found inside the box to score the goal.

Depor gained confidence with the goal, Lucas was close to score at minute 52; firstly, his cross from inside the area was cleared and later he wasted the loose ball firing wide. Laure and Emre Çolak were the next changes replacing Bruno Gama and Guilherme.

Peñarol lost the impulse of the first half, they were missing width and length and only reached Rubén through long throws, while Depor missed more conviction despite that Lucas and Fajr were commanding midfield territory and releasing some dangerous counterattacks. Borja Valle also left glimpses of his skills with a couple of runs.

Mosquera and Borges entered for the final fifteen minutes replacing Álex Bergantiños and Fajr. And Depor scored the second goal after having two consecutive opportunities, in the first the strong shot by Borges was repealed by substitute goalie Damián Frascarelli and in the next play Borja Valle scored.

Çolak started the action and assisted Saúl, who released a cross from the left, a defended tried to clear the danger, but only assisted Valle>, who scored with a crossed shot from inside the area. Then Óscar and Oriol Riera replaced Valle and Lucas.

And suddenly Peñarol tied the actions in a matter of three minutes. Both were polemic plays starred by substitute Marcel Novick. In the first he was offside after collecting a high volley to score from close range, and the second was an inexistent penalty of Arribas over Dibble.

It was an unfair outcome, surely Peñarol were better in the first 30 minutes, but later the defence of Depor prevailed and the two goals should have meant the victory, but the punctual actions left a bittersweet taste.
With the unexpected tie the game went to penalties as it was part of the rules in the tournament. And Depor won with a score of 8-7. The Galicians scored all their penalties. Peñarol only missed with Freitas, who hit the crossbar in the 8th attempt for the locals.

Peñarol: (4-4-2) Guruceaga (Frascarelli 70’)– Rodales, Valdés (Perg 46’), Bressan (Freitas 58’), Oliveira  – Dibble, Ángel Rodríguez (Costa 58’), Guzmán Pereira (Albarracín 58’), Urruti (Novick 46’) – Rossi (Mathias Rodríguez 58’), Murillo (Palacios 58’)
Deportivo: (5-4-14-2-3-1) Lux (Rubén 46’) – Bruno Gama (Laure 62’), Arribas (Albentosa 46’), Sidnei, Navarro, Saúl – Valle (Óscar García 82’), Álex (Borges 75’), Guilherme (Çolak 62’), Fajr (Mosquera 75’) – Lucas (Riera 82’)
Goals: 0-1: (46’) Guilherme, 0-2: (77’) Borja Valle, 1-2: (84’) Novick, 2-2: (87’) Novick (penalty)
Penalty shootout: (7-8). Depor scored through Çolak, Sidnei, Óscar García, Mosquera, Oriol Riera, Borges, Albentosa & Saúl.
Referee: Carlos Velásquez. He showed yellow card to Bruno Gama (12’), Ángel Rodríguez (24’), Guilherme (29’), Arribas (40’), Olivera (62’), Costa (70’), Borja Valle (74’)
Venue: Campeón del Siglo (4,000)



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