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04 Aug 2016
Deportivo played two halves against two different teams in Verin. Once again the team left a poor impression at the moment of creating scoring chances. Andone debuted with Depor.

It was particular tournament as the three clubs invited, Deportivo, CD Verín and GD Chaves, only played 45 minutes against the other two sides. Depor played the second and third matches, the second against Tercera club CD Verín. Coach Gaizka Garitano presented a 4-3-3 draw for the first game with Fabril’s duo Nacho Monsalve-Óscar García as starters.

Deportivo didn’t face any opposition during the first game, though it only scored through set-pieces. Óscar García was close to score in the first attempt and soon the first two goals arrive. The first goal came in a corner-kick, Çolak released the cross, Borges touched the ball and Nacho Monsalve pushed the ball in from close range.

The second goal arrived three minutes later and it was also a corner-kick; Óscar García released the cross and Oriol Riera was the one that found the ball inside the area. After the goals Depor were still dominating the game, with Çolak and Carles Gil as the most active players. The Turkish had a big chance to score the third, but his shot from the edge of the area just passed close to the crossbar (41’).

The third goal came in the stoppage time, and it was again a corner-kick. Çolak released the cross and this time it was Celso Borges who headed ball into the net. Not a good impression was left, because Depor only scored the three goals in corner-kick actions.

For the second game, facing Portuguese Primera club, GD Chaves, Garitano made five changes with Albentosa, Navarro, Guilherme, Borja Valle and Florin Andone entering the field, the last one was making his first appearance with the team. This match was much more competitive and Depor started losing after a direct free-kick from Bruno Braga.

This game turned to be tough, not only for been a rival from the elite at Portugal, but for the fouls between both sides. In one of them there was a little fight after Borges tried to head the ball before the keeper.
Depor had the ball possession, but it never created any harm.

And one passed unnoticed though it’s normal as he joined the pre-season until last week, but the point is that the team missed spark and a reference in attack. Garitano made changes and Oriol Riera was one of the men that returned into the pitch, but Depor were unable to tie the game. GD Chaves won the tournament as previously the Portuguese side defeated CD Verín (2-0)

Deportivo: Rubén Martínez – Laure, Arribas, Nacho Monsalve, Saúl – Álex, Çolak, Borges – Carles Gil, Riera, Óscar.
Goals: 0-1: (7’) Monsalve, 0-2: (10’) Riera, 0-3: (45+1’) Borges
Venue: José Arjiz (2,000)

Rubén - Laure, Albentosa, Arribas (Monsalve 25’), Navarro – Álex (Oriol Riera 38’), Guilherme, Borges - Borja Valle, Andone, Çolak (Carles Gil 25’).
Goal: 1-0 (18’) Bruno Braga
Venue: José Arjiz (2,000)



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