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08 Aug 2016
The first team of Deportivo is practically closed with less than two weeks before the debut in liga. The only pending thing is one or two exits without ruling out the chance of a big sell.

Definitely the project of Deportivo is improving with the passage of the years. Firstly, the squad is practically closed before the first game in liga, later the number of loans has been reduced to only three. Deportivo’s debut in liga takes place on August 19 facing SD Eibar and coach Gaizka Garitano has practically closed his squad.

The signing of attacker Marlos Moreno has raised the number of signings to 12 and the number players at the first team to 24. Thus no more signings are expected, though a late incorporation could take place in case the club suffers an unexpected exit like the cases of Lucas Pérez or Sidnei.

Another improvement is that the exits were closed early in the pre-season, the club already completed 7 exits and the only pending subject is the possible exit of one or two players. Luisinho and Borja Valle seem to be staying, while Saúl García is set to a new loan. It was also commented that Oriol Riera might leave (Osasuna are interested in a loan deal), this will reduce the number of players 22, just what Garitano needs in order to give room to the players from Depor B.

This is a big improvement compared to past years, because Depor were used to sign starting players within the last days of the market and with the league already started, it was also used to send players on loan late, something that was just complicating their chances at their new teams, now the 99% of the squad is defined with 12 days remaining for the debut in liga.

Another improvement can be witnessed in the number of loans, only 3 of the 24 players at the first team are loaned, and one of them is Juanfran Moreno, who has a buyout option for the end of the campaign that will probably be fulfilled. So, technically only two men will be leaving at the end of the season: Marlos Moreno and Carles Gil. This it he lowest number since the Champions League years, which demonstrates that the club is gaining stability.

The current squad of Deportivo:
Goalkeepers: Lux, Tytoń and Rubén Martínez
Defenders: Juanfran, Laure, Sidnei, Arribas, Albentosa, Luisinho, Navarro and Saúl García.
Midfielders: Álex Bergantiños, Borges, Guilherme, Pedro Mosquera, Fayçal Fajr, Çolak, Bruno Gama & Carles Gil.
Attackers: Borja Valle, Lucas Pérez, Andone, Marlos Moreno & Oriol Riera.



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