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10 Aug 2016
First big victory for Depor Ladies; the team came from behind in the penalty shootout after taking the lead twice in the game and won the Teresa Herrera trophy.

Coach Manu Sánchez picked all the available players. There were three casualties for the game, midfielders María Geremías Taboada 'Gere' and Ariane Martínez Domínguez 'Ari' were out injured, while defender María Sánchez Migallón Menéndez 'Miga' was out for personal reasons.

The rival for the tournament was female Villarreal, another tea that will compete in the next Segunda league, but with a longer history as the yellow submarine has been playing for fifteen years in this division, so they were the favourites for the game.

But Depor Ladies had a strong start as they scored the first goal after just two minutes. Nuria Rábano released a cross from the left that was deflected by defender Marieta and the ball ended at the back of the net.

Still. Villarreal dominated the actions and soon they equalized through Colonques with a collective play inside the area. Defender Perdi had to be replaced at the middle of the first due to injury reasons, Miriam Rios replaced her.

After the change the game was more equal and Nuria was close to score in a dangerous cross that was cleared by a rival (32’), so it wasn’t a surprise when Elvira García scored the second goal for the locals five minutes later with a strong shot from outside the area.

The second half started with four changes at Depor, including keeper Anita, who was replaced by Malena Mieres, and the equalizer arrives soon as Nuria connected a cross from Patri

In the rest of the second half both sides had some chances, but none of them was clear enough. The game was defined in the penalty shootout and Depor won the trophy despite been losing 0-2 and with a goal by keeper Malena.

Depor Ladies: Anita (Malena 46’) – Cris, Perdi (Miriam 29’), Raquel, Laura Doce, Tere, Tami (Caro 65’), Elvira (Patri 46’), Lia (Paula 46’), Nuria (Noe 55’), Estefi (Maria Corral 46’).
Villarreal: Miralles – Marieta, Ángels, Colonques, Patri, Laura, Cami, Jessi, Núria, Roig, Cubedo.
Goals: 1-0: (2') Marieta (o.g.), 1-1: (15’) Colonques, 2-1: (37’) Elvira, 2-2: (49’) Nuria
Penalties: 0-0 Elvira failed, 0-1 Cubedo scored, 0-1 Maria Corral hit the crossbar, 0-2 Colonques scored, 1-2 Tere scored, 1-2 Patri missed the target, 2-2 Raquel scored, 2-3 Elena scored, 3-3 Miriam scored, 3-3 Jessi missed the target, 4-3 Malena scored,
Referee: María Eugenia del Soriano.
Venue Riazor (18,829)




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