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27 Nov 2006
The criticism against Deportivo has been unanimous. The target of all this judgements is the coach, Joaqu?­n Caparr??s. The absence of a real striker in the team, the current style of playing, the presence of four side defenders in the lineup, the continuos changes in the starting eleven, and even the exit of Sergio at half-time... a lot of factors have been analysed as the causes of the crisis. At least the papers still believing that the new project of Depor still to be promising.

AS: Joaqu?­n Caparr??s said prior to this match that he had to "invent something new in order to play outside home" And he did it! The squad allowed four goals, an unseen fact during the last eight months. The team also suffered its first goal in a stationary play, and gave life to a team that had a negative record of seven matches without a win. Caparr??s played with two side defenders as wingers and he replaced them at the end. A lot of new stuff, but nothing positive. Somebody would talk about the existence of a crisis and other ones about exaggeration. But the true is that Deportivo has accumulated five games without a win in la liga, and has only added two of fifteen possible points.

The finishing touch was the four goals allowed on yesterday's game, an unseen thing since the last visit to Santiago Bernabe??. But all this facts aren't a sign that Babydepor is living in the middle of a crisis, what dictates sentence is its poor game. In any case, six games outside home against rivals like Osasuna, N??stic or Levante should give a clue about the current situation. The calendar is becoming harder and the changes are needed. Solutions? to start playing football, spend the money and buy a real striker and to wait for Valer??n. There is a crisis, but also enough youthness to leave the hole. It's time to be optimistic. Luis de la Cruz.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: I don't doubt about the capacity of the coach, neither of his knowledge. Javier Irureta already taught us, all those that habitually covers the present of this Depor, to abstain to give our opinions without the praised card of trainer. But I need to do it, the doubt assaults me. Why Sergio left the pitch after the first forty-five minutes?. Is only an sporting question? Didn't the trainer learned with what happened against Celta?. With his experience, Hasn't he saw the influence that the Catalan has in the squad? It seems that the answer to the last question is no.

I am not going to defend Sergio, because he is certainly out of the level showed during other campaigns, but I maintain the position that he is an indispensable player for the rest of the team. Sincerely, it costs me to understand that Caparr??s, with his experience, has not seen that the same circumstance has put him once again in the spotlight. Also, it costs me to believe -sincerely I refuse to think it- that the coach is deciding on the easiest option. Sergio is one of the players in Deportivo that has received more criticism, therefore his substitution will always have the approval of the fans. In this way, his exit would be a effort in order to be in peace with the fans. The last question: Will Sergio be the following one in the casualty list that Caparr??s has caused in Depor? Perhaps the brightness of the Catalan, with 304 games in Primera, eclipses the Sevillan coach, and later he would prefer a team in which he is the only protagonist… perhaps. Arturo Pati?±o.

El Ideal Gallego: Slap and humiliation. It isn't easy to assume a result like this one, specially if the rival is giving you a slap with an open hand. Osasuna only needed four minutes to destroy the starting lineup of Caparr??s, and it did it with a stunning facility. Deportivo is giving the sensation of been a squad that's still to be under construction, one that doesn't have starter players and specially, a defined system to play. What is the game of Depor? Obviously, the squad is missing some punch. Taborda isn't the idoneus striker, any doubts about it? But what's true is that the Uruguayan isn't guilty for the defeat. If you believe in the youth, you have to give time to this team, continuity. The starting lineup can't be a lottery, today is your turn, tomorrow we will see it? There are players in the team, including the veterans, that aren't doing their job. And there also a lot of doubts, Adri??n as example. No matter the blow suffered on yesterday's game, we have to keep believing in this Depor. Caparr??s will find the way, that's for sure... Or not? Andr?©s R?­os.

La Voz de Galicia: What an error that idea of the four side defenders!, it was an experiment with soda that nobody understood, and that left Deportivo against the ropes during a first half in which the squad was too much defensive. Specially for a team that arrived to Reyno de Navarra with only one goal in five away games and with the necessity to gain points. For that reason the squad had more to win than to lose, why not to put a more risky formation? Without wingers in the lineup, it's like trying to demonstrate that the circle is a square. A defender will always been a defender, and he will always face every game with that defensive mind. Barrag??n and Filipe could have a good match, and any of them could win a match with a scissors-kick goal, but they aren't wingers. The squad will suffer in nine of ten times the absence of a specialist on that sector. When Deportivo had the ball, it was rarely seen the team working on both wings. In fact, it was Riki the one who tried to work there without luck.

Now talking about the defensive work, it's true that Barrag??n and Filipe helped to block the attacks by the sides, but how worthy is this if the team is broke on the centre? The four goals arrived by the centre, a zone in which Depor was fragile. It can be understood the presence of Juan Rodr?­guez in the place of Coloccini. But in defence, it doesn't make sense the holes left by the squad. The absence of Lopo was felt and generated a black hole. Osasuna made a lot of damage with the long balls of Milosevic and Soldado, the aerial game was also a headache and left doubts about  the stronger point of the Galicians. Valdo was alone when he scored the second goal, but we also saw similar actions all over the game. The true is that the rival really have killers, in other words a truly central striker. Alfonso Andrade.

Diario de Noticias (Pamplona): Finally, Osasuna gave a good sensation, and it did just on time. A lot of people was waiting for the exit of 'Cuco' Ziganda after a poor start. The situation was reacquiring to see strong measures. But curiously, the solution wasn't to fire the coach. He already said during the week that it was a matter of confidence, a mental problem that had affected the players. Yesterday we saw that a strong mentality could convert a team from been horrendous to be the greatness one. Osasuna recuperated its identity and essence. Its players returned to start running miles over the pitch and showed aggressiveness during the fully 90 minutes. Finally, Osasuna showed its better image, it won a match and gave joy to the fans. Now is time to see if this comeback is an accident of one day or the rencounter with the past. Pedro Lanas.

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