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19 Aug 2016
Garitano faces his first official game at Deportivo; he didn’t give clues of the lineup, but talked of the captains. Mendilibar tried to avoid the pressure of been forced to repeat the results of last season.

Gaizka Garitano debuts at Deportivo facing his former club; the Basque man is optimistic and didn’t give any hint of the possible lineup for the game, though he talked of the captains and the physical condition of some players. The following is a summary of the main things said by him:

The roster: “I always pick the ones that will help us to win the game. It’s always difficult to leave people on the sidelines; especially when they are working at the top. The season is long and this is only the first matchday. We need them all and this is only the first list, on next week we will have another one and then a new one.”

Eibar: “The true is that I spent a lot of years there. It’s especial to face them, also for been the first game on the season.”

Lux or Tytoń? “Don’t worry, we will play with one goalkeeper. We won’t go out without a keeper.”

Lucas & Andone at the same time? “I won’t tell you if we will play with one or two strikers, not even the footballers know about it. They will know it tomorrow. We can play with one or two, you will see it tomorrow. The sure thing is to play with the keeper and ten more.”

Expectations for the game: “We want to be an intense team, serious and brave,  to play football and when we don’t have the ball then to put pressure. We don’t want to change what you have seen so far. The intention isn’t to change what we have done in the games of the pre-season.”

Feelings about the team: “I believe that, if you ask any coach, they will tell you that they are fine. We feel we are fine, but since tomorrow the competition will put you in your place. Eibar arrive fine, Betis arrive fine and everyone is fine, but later the results arrive; when a season begins then the pre-season is no longer useful. It doesn’t matter if you win in the pre-season, the real thing starts now.”

Physical condition: “There were some players with problems, but since we talked the last time they had more work. It’s the case of Juanfran, Guilherme and Andone, the ones that arrived late, and I believe we all are fine.”

Short squad: “We don’t have injuries and neither suspensions, which is difficult to witness in a any squad. As you can see we will only have a few players ruled out and I like short squads, because everyone feels useful.”

Captains:  “The captains will be Laure, Bergantiños & German Lux. We will also have Mosquera and Lucas as they are the ones from A Coruña and they must be part of the feeling.”

The rival: “I am expecting for the best Eibar, a team that always had a strong start, defeating Real Sociedad two seasons ago and winning their first game on last campaign. We also expect a strong version from us in order to win.”

System: “I won’t tell you the system that we will use. We have two systems that you witnessed during the pre-season and what we won’t do is to invent things.  You see things in the trainings, with a defence of four men and three, beyond that we won’t play with anything else.”

Playing style: “We will play the same either is at home or on the road, at least it will be the intention. We won’t play more defensive away from home.”

Sidnei & Lucas: “I talked to Sidnei and Lucas, but we are only looking things day by day. As the deadline is not over yet they, and the other twenty players, can go out, if the club wants or if someone pays the release the clause.”

Meanwhile, José Luis Mendilibar continues to be the head coach of SD Eibar. He addressed the media on Thursday and assured that he is happy with the team despite missing some signings. The following is the summary of the main things said in his press conference.

The moment of the team: “I can tell you now that we are fine. I believe there’s a spark and people want to start now, in that sense the team arrives in a good moment.”

Victory at the Riazor: “It’s only the first game and we cannot have pressure. We want to win every game, but cannot face the meetings think of what can happen if we don’t do it or that we need to match what was done in the first round of last season. We must be positive and try to do what we want to do in the games.”

Deportivo: “They can do both, to attack and have the initiative and also have people waiting and pressing up front. I believe that they will be alternating. They won’t be mad trying to steal the ball all the time and neither will be waiting all the time for the rival’s error.”

More signings: “We are fine, but the season is long and with twenty field players I believe it isn’t enough for a hard season. We must sign, but it’s also true that I am content with what I have. The ones coming will complement the squad.”

Garitano: “He trained Eibar since the bottom and until Primera División. It will be special to him.”

Systems: “The systems can change, but not the idea. I am not worried of the system, 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 or 4-5-1, what worries me is the idea of football and that the players understand the idea. Last year we used a few systems, but the idea was the same. It will be the same on this season, the idea will be similar and the players will be the ones telling you the system that will be used.”



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