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21 Aug 2016
Neither Garitano nor his players were content with the game displayed by Deportivo, but they emphasized the importance of starting the league competition with a victory. Mendilibar was upset as his team conceded a late penalty.

Coach Gaizka Garitano admitted after the game that the team didn’t play as he wanted, “I am content for the result, but not so much for the game that we did. The first game in liga is always difficult. Their virtue is to make the rival looking worse of what they really are and we were too anxious. The true is that we didn’t make a good game and it’s difficult to comeback against a team that’s tough if they take the lead. I remain with those readings: the team is competitive, but the true is that the draw would have been the fairest result. We had character, but not the football that we wanted.”

“I believe we were too hurried, playing through long balls when it wasn’t the idea and neither our plan. They were pressing and we didn’t find ourselves. We were too anxious, but you turn to be blocked in your first game in liga at home. We have quality players and they were missing the passes, which isn’t normal, and then you had a rival that made us to look worse.” He added.

The Basque man didn’t give importance to the fact of allowing a goal in a set-piece, this despite insisting during the pre-season in reinforcing this facet after the problems had on last season, “You need to have in mind that Eibar have tallest people than us. We aren’t a tall team and usually we will allow goals like this, but we scored a goal in a similar action and later scored another that meant the victory.   It’s their strength.”

About the change in the system (4-2-3-1 and then 3-5-2) he said that, “The true is that the team felt more confident when we changed the system. We were finding secondary plays and released Juanfran and Navarro, then Lucas and Andone were more loose. It worked out, but you need to make readings. We didn’t’ make a good game, but the fact of winning is also important. It wasn’t easy to comeback in the score.”

Finally, Garitano was thanking the fans for their support, “I am content, we were needing them at some point and they supported us. In the second half we weren’t fine, there were ten or fifteen minutes in which Eibar were better and I thank the fans, because without them we wouldn’t be able to turn back the score.”

The players weren’t too happy with the game displayed by Deportivo. Pedro Mosquera scored the equalizer and commented that, “It was important to win today and we did it. We suffered and we knew that Eibar was a difficult rival. We added the three points and that’s the important thing. When we were 0-1 we were fearing for the game, we tried to press and later the goal came. We achieved the equalizer and then the victory, which had its merits.”

“It wasn’t our best game, we were too thick, but this was only the first game and we were coming from playing several games in a row. We aren’t 100% ready, but I believe we were fine within the first twenty minutes.” He added.

Raúl Albentosa was emphasizing the victory, “I am content, because it’s always good to start with a victory. There are many things to improve. We faced a team that fights and it was difficult. Today we were lucky, but you still need to look for that luck. I am gaining pace and try to be peaceful. You have nerves and we need to transmit tranquillity. There are many things to improve. It’s important to add the three points, because things are easier later. You can be more serene for the next game.”

Fayçal Fajr also admitted that the team didn’t play so well, “We are all content for winning, for adding the three points. We must now think of the next game. The changing room is happy. The victory was the best thing, sometimes you cannot play well and win and there are games in which you can only add the three points and that’s it. We have the players to play better, but I believe that, sort or less, we made a good game. In the end we are guilty for not following the plans. The coach wanted to play more. I also believe we felt pressure at home and we can improve.”

He also admitted the problems defending the set-pieces, “We train the issue and cannot blame anyone in particular, but we also scored in a free-kick. We need to continue working and this issue is important and must be more alert. We have more confidence with a victory and we are better now. We didn’t play as we wanted, but the three points bring confidence, surely we will improve.”

At SD Eibar, José Luis Mendilibar was upset for conceding a late penalty, “To lose in the way we have lost, within the last minutes, it doesn’t leave you with a good impression. We committed a huge error, a childhood mistake in the play of the penalty, something that cannot happen. We didn’t deserve this for our game, but football is not only playing well.”

“When we were better they scored the equalizer. Later they put two men upfront and tried to play with long balls in order to take advantage of the speed of their attackers. We were fine and maybe we only needed more patience having the ball. At times we wanted to reach the rival’s half too quickly.” He added.




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