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28 Aug 2016
The post-Lucas era was launched with a goalless draw in which Depor had several shortages in offence, Sidnei and Lux shone at defence and the team defended much better the corner-kicks.

The seven notes from the game at Real Betis:

1- The corner-kicks: Garitano worked hard during the pre-season in order to avoid the bleeding in the corner-kicks, last season the team was the one that conceded more goals in these kinds of actions and it was a disappointment to concede the first goal of the season in this way.

But now there was an improvement in the visit to Real Betis. Deportivo conceded thirteen corners, and only in the first the Andalusians were able to anticipate the defenders. It was right-back Piccini, who headed the ball out after collecting the ball at the near post (4í). The remaining twelve corners were well covered. 

2- Immense Sidnei: Deportivo didnít concede too many opportunities despite the harassment by Real Betis and one of the reasons was the perfect performance of Sidnei Rechel. The Brazilian didnít miss the target in any of his 40 passes and also completed 12 clearances and 2 interceptions. Depor are trying to do everything in order to keep the centre-back and in this game he demonstrated why.

3- The loneliness of Andone: First game in the post-Lucas era and Deportivo didnít have too much depth in attack, but it wasnít for the lack of a proper striker. Andone has the skills to fulfil the job, but in this game he was looking too alone (something he admitted after the final whistle). He had to be replaced after ending exhausting, but only made 31 touches and only completed two shots. He needs more company.

4- The two faces of «olak: Emre «olak debuted with Deportivo and he was one of the few that showed the capacity to be the assistor that Andone and Bruno Gama need, he created four chances with his passes and two counterattacks started after he opened the field with a low pass, but at the same time he was losing key balls at midfield, two of them ended in counterattacks that were close to cost a goal. The Turkish needs to learn that Spanish football is quickness and that any error is lethal.

5- Key saves by Lux German Lux was criticized last season because he wasnít making saves in the few opportunities conceded to the rival, in this game he started to wash this impression with two key saves that earned a point. The best one was a deflection after the solo-play of Durmisi (56í).

6- Guilherme & Borges: Garitano chose to play with Guilherme as the companion of Mosquera during the first two games, the Brazilian left a positive impression in the pre-season, but in liga he has been disappointing. Against Betis, he had the worst pass ratio among the field players (68%) and had to be replaced by Borges, who improved the things at midfield. Last year VŪctor SŠnchez preferred the option of the Central American midfielder and Garitano could now follow the same direction.

7- The long throws: Once again Deportivo depended too much of the long passes at the moment of creating offensive opportunities. The team only completed 18 of the 51 attempts made in the game (35%) and therefore it lost the opportunity to create scoring chances. The long throws released by the goalkeeper that are searching for a surprising play continue to fail, something that was already witnessed on last season. In this game Lux attempted eight long passes and all of them failed to meet the target.



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