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28 Aug 2016
More criticism from the coach and players after Deportivo didn’t look fine in offensive tasks, but at the same time everybody is happy after adding four of the first six points in dispute.

Coach Gaizka Garitano is aware that his team is still needing a spark in attack, but he was satisfied with what his team has done in the first two matchdays, “We came to a difficult field; we were reaching the last third quarters of the field, but later missed something more in the last quarter, that last shot or that different thing. It is clear that we missed something.”

“We are in an initial phase and we clinched four points in the first two games. The team plays and defends well, combining, we are only missing things in the last quarter, just when you need different things. We aren’t used to the heat and were tired at the end of the game, the true is that the game was for the counterattack. We are content with a point added in a difficult field.” He added.

Similar was the speech of Bruno Gama, who was also content with what Depor has done so far, “We are content with the four points added so far, this point was added away from home. For me it was an equal game and there were opportunities. It’s always good to have them. Now we must keep working during the break. Two more weeks to prepare the next game, with four points, but we must continue working in order to improve. I had two chances, I was unable to score and should continue working in order to help.”

Florin Andone said that the result was fair, “We knew it was going to be a complicate field, it is a rival that presses a lot in front of their fans. We believe the draw is good, we made a serious game and the draw is fair for both teams. We played in the counterattack, I felt a little alone, but I will give everything for the team and it’s clear that I am missing fitness. In a couple of weeks, I will be fine.”

Juanfran admitted the problems with the playing style at Depor, “We are missing to have personality with the ball. We need more. The coach isn’t asking us to play through long throws. Maybe the anxiety is forcing us to play with long throws just when what we need is to make more passes, to have more possession. We aren’t seeing the football of the pre-season, but this is only starting. We have added four of six points and it’s important.”

The right-back was also talking of Lucas’ exit, “Our best man just left us. Seventeen goals and ten assists. A player that, at times, was our life, because he was holding on the ball and knew how to extract something from nowhere. But Depor already lost great players in the past and the club survived. Now it’s time to see other players making a step forward and earn confidence.”

At Real Betis, Gustavo Poyet wasn’t content with how his team played, but was asking for patience after hearing the first whistles from the fans, "I am very realistic. And the idea of football we want to practice in the time that I will be here, whether is six months, a year or two or five, is different from what we did today. I know you cannot do everything in one day, there’s need and I accept it. We assume risks that weren’t assumed before. All for the occasion and the time, looking for the best. From there you have to win.”

“Now I ask the players to break their face, splitting, competing. Petros has been one of a kind. I know that many don’t like him. Tastes... Some didn’t like me when I was a player, you may not like everyone. What we ask is to face the situation as they did, run as they did, if you mix that with quality at a key moment, then it’s fantastic. If not, what happens is what happened. Tranquility, this is a marathon, not a sprint in hundred meters. If you don’t remember last year we had an unbelievable start, then it came the panic and we ended up dead at the last stretch. It's a marathon and you need to have a bit of calm, nothing more. "




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