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29 Aug 2016
First defeat for a Depor B that didn’t match the expectations after the strong start; the team only reacted in the final minutes. Bolivian Carreón scored his first goal with Fabril.

Coach Cristobal Parrolo was repeating the lineup of the opening matchday. He had three players out for injury reasons: Álex Corredera, Jardel and Marcos Legaz. The draw was a 4-2-3-1.

Anxo Pérez was covering the goal, Quique Fornos covered the right side in defence, Arnau Campeny and Nacho Monsalve were the centre-backs, Lucas Viña performed at the left side, Álvaro Queijeiro and Edu Expósito were the centre midfielders, Hugo Rama attacked from the right wing, Jorge Carreón was the playmaker, Borja Galán attacked from the left wing and Óscar García was the centre forward.

The rival was Bergantiños CF; the game should have played at Carballo, but since the pitch was under treatment the club asked to switch the home condition, so this game was played at Abegondo and the game of the second round will be played there. Iago López, who was a normal starter for Fabril on last season played the game as one of the centre backs. Ex-Fabril Álex Pérez was also a starter.

Grey game for a Deportivo B that deserved the defeat. The lands never felt comfortable on the pitch and fell down before a more experienced rival. Óscar never appeared and the team missed a reference in offensive tasks.

The first half was disappointing after the brilliant game of the opening day; Fabril had the ball possession, but it was nervous in defence and barely stepped into the rival’s area. Meanwhile, Bergantiños looked more dangerous in the counterattack.

The locals only had two opportunities in the half, the first was a shot of Borja Galán that went close to the post (23’); the second was a shot of Óscar that was blocked by visiting goalie Cristopher (40’).

Before the break Edu Expósito had to be replaced due to an injury, Borja Domingo claimed his spot and the draw continued to be a 4-2-3-1, this time Óscar was the right winger with Hugo Rama joining Queijeiro at midfield.

Things didn’t change too much for the second part, only that the goals arrived. Fabril were still having problems at the moment of controlling midfield territory, so Bamba replaced Hugo Rama, but it didn’t prevent the first goal from the visitors. 

First Anxo saved a free-kick of Nacho and later Iago Blanco scored in a counterattack after Borja Galán lost the ball and after collecting a loose ball inside the area. Depor B were paying the price for their lack of control, but found an early equalizer after a great play of Óscar, who assisted Bolivian Jorge Carreón for the local goal.

The third change was made soon as centre-back Arnau had to be replaced after receiving a strong blow in the face. Hugo Rama replaced him. And Bergantiños found the winning goal in a corner-kick action in which Borja Facal headed the cross of Jorge Saéz.

Fabril could have tied the score in the last stretch of the game, but in their best opportunity centre-back Nacho Monsalve hit the crossbar after heading a free-kick taken by Álvaro Queijeiro (79’).

A disconnected Fabril suffered the first loss on the season after failing to understand how to control a rival that always had things in favour. The team had to make two changes due to injury reasons. The next game is the derby against SD Silva (Sunday, 12h00 CET).

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Anxo - Fornos, Arnau (Hugo Díaz 63’), Monsalve, Viña -  Queijeiro, Edu Expósito (Borja Domingo 41’) - Hugo Rama (Bamba 53’), Carreón, Borja Galán - Óscar.
Bergantiños. (4-4-2) Cristopher - Borja Facal, Roberto Prieto, Iago López, Aarón Rama (Castro 77’) - Iago Blanco, Jorge Sáez, Granada, Álex Pérez (Fernando 64’) - Nacho, Rodri (Miguez 72’).
Goals: 0-1: (55’) Iago Blanco, 1-1: (61’) Carreón, 1-2: (67’) Borja Facal
Referee: Daniel Pastoriza Iglesias. He showed yellow card to Álex Pérez (18’), Óscar (32’), Arnau (52’), Queijeiro (68’), Borca Facal (76’), Granada (80’), Cristopher (88’) & Jorge Saéz (89’)
Venue: Abegondo (1,000)




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