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31 Aug 2016
Striker Borja Valle talked to reporters, he is willing to help Deportivo now that Lucas is leaving. He admits that several things need to be polished and is open to play as a centre forward.

Borja Valle conceded a press conference after Tuesday’s training, he was talking about the exit of Lucas, “The exit of Lucas has conditioned everything, these are different days and we need t adapt. It’s the job of the club to decide if we need a new striker. We have nothing to do and the officials will decide, we can only train and try to add.”

“He is a big player that was having a lot of pretenders. We didn’t know when or how, but surely he is a player defined to leave. It’s not the job of the players to decide, it’s the officials the ones that must decide if we will sign somebody else or not.” The attacker added.

The ex-Oviedo man said that he’s open to play in any offensive position, “Right now we have Florin, the coach knows that he counts with me for any position that they need me and I will try to adapt, it’s my mentality, if they need me up front then it’s up front, if it is on the wing then it’s on the wing. I am not similar to Lucas, everybody has their qualities and I can bring intensity, but the positions are different and you need to add different things as these are different positions.”

He was also happy after been able to debut at Primera División during the game at Real Betis, “It has been a long run and this is what you dream since been a child, the moment arrived and I can only thank, and the way to than is to train and fight in order to have more opportunities. It was a special day that you mark in the calendar, I hope there will be more opportunities.”

Then the Asturian attacker insisted that he’s open to play in any position, “The coach only asks me to press. I don’t have a predilection for a position, I just want to add minutes and grow up as a person and footballer. If they need me up front like the other day then I will go out and will give everything, and if it is in another position then it’s the same.”

Finally, Borja Valle admitted that Depor need to polish several defects in attack, “We need to be a united block in order to have more opportunities, the other day Florin was saying that he felt too alone and we need to polish these things. I am more than prepared, if we have to make a step forward then I am open to do it.” 




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