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02 Sep 2016
Richard Barral conceded a press conference on Thursday and analysed the summer market of Deportivo. He talked of Álvaro Vázquez and the late attempt to sign Fede Cartabia.

With the market closed, sporting director Richard Barral addressed the media and analysed the moves made by Deportivo. He believes the club has improved the squad despite the exit of Lucas. He also talked of the situation on deadline day with Álvaro Vázquez and Cartabia. The following is a summary of the main things said by Barral.

“It was long, but for what happened yesterday. I believe that, on this year, with all the operations that we made, we have been really quick. I believe that by July 20 or 21 we already have closed the squad, and with twelve and thirteen operations completed, we were only pending of Marlos Moreno, but everything was settled at the time.”

“The squad was closed and later we had the issue with Lucas, which was a last-minute case, then we had to act quickly. Yes we had players that were on hold as they were pending of the exits of Lucas and Sidnei, but there was a point when they were no longer waiting, which is logical. If the operation with Lucas would have been sealed one month before then we had spectacular options, but the players start to sign for other teams. So, when the issue with Lucas occurred, we sought for the best options at the market; some were really expensive, one of them was Joselu, which was one of our first options, but at the time it was inaccessible.”

 “You know that anything can happen until the market is closed, but for me the incredible thing is that the market remains open when the league already started. It’s sad and it always affects the small team. It cannot be that they take away a player when the league already started. A big team in the Premier League can lose two games and decide to go for a player. It happened and one of our first options was Joselu.”

“In the end we reached an agreement with Álvaro Vázquez, he even completed the medicals and the president already explained it: another club got in the middle and he opted in going to another club. We activated other options; we only had two hours left. We went back for Joselu and this time it was possible as Stoke City had signed Bony, so it was accessible in an economic sense. The deal was closed four minutes before the deadline, though it was a matter of papers, because the agreement was ready since 10PM. It also influenced the exit of Lucas, the clubs think that you are millionaire, they think you have twenty million for collecting twenty million, but the 30% was for PAOK, there was a part for the tax agency and we had to secure the situation with Sidnei as we were losing another player.”

“I believe we won, in a sporting way, because it was a previous choice to Álvaro Vázquez. Also economically, the only thing is that it was a choice of a player in property and we ended with a loanee. We did enough getting the player as we weren’t able to add a buyout option. It was so expensive at the moment that we didn’t even think about it. In the end it was a very good operation for us. If his performance is high surely we will try to get him, but it won’t be easy. He is an expensive player. We tried to include an option, but since the conditions were lowered at the last minute we decided to not continue trying.”

“He has made the full pre-season with his team, I believe he played one game; right now he is in Madrid and should return to Manchester. We preview he can arrive on Sunday at night and by Monday he can be already available for the coach. “

“We reached an agreement with him and Getafe, the deal was never broken with Getafe. We knew that Espanyol were interested in him and that he is coming from there, so we knew it was going to be difficult to compete with them, but as Espanyol didn’t show up we reached an agreement. He completed the medicals in Madrid and already had the contract, but it wasn’t signed and we started to suspect of Espanyol. They were pending to send Caicedo to Watford, but since it was too late we put an ultimatum, by 9PM everything was broken and since then we moved on for other options. We called Joselu in order to see if he was still available after Bony signed for Stoke City, we wanted to know if the conditions have changed. At the beginning things were complicated, but we fought and the conditions were lowered a little bit, so by 10PM we had an agreement. Exactly things were closed at 11:56PM.” 

“We reacted quickly. Valencia made an offer to Benfica and, as we had the right to match the offer, we secured the player. It is ours at 100% now. It was an important risk to be left without Lucas and Sidnei, and if at the last minute you lose both, then you end up with a very different team. It didn’t condition the case with Lucas, because we were going to secure him in any case, because the conditions were favourable. If the offer of Valencia would have been big then it would have been different, you can be nervous, but it wasn’t like that. So, it was an option that we can secure. Since we had a percentage then to match the remaining was feasible. It was just a matter of matching the offer.”

“We were tranquil within yesterday and the day before, because the player was already ours and the clause was important [€20 million]. But you know that the club [Valencia] could be pressing the player with big offers, and I don’t know if this was the case. We already agreed with him a new contract. I hope it can be closed on next week. We haven’t decided the number of years, but surely will try to extend it for two or three more years.”

“I believe that last year we made an important jump in terms of quality, so the squad was already good, and this year we are trying to do the same thing we will try the next one: to try to sign one starter. If we do it then the level of the squad will raise. I believe we have made another jump. What Lucas did on last year it is very difficult to repeat, but in a global sense I believe that, collectively, we have improved and we are content.”

“Besides, it was possible to do it really quick, which sometimes it isn’t possible. One of the deals signed in July took a month to be completed. Like yesterday we made one deal in two hours as the market was closing. There were players, despite been signed in July, we already spent one or two months fighting. So, I believe that, despite the exit of Lucas, we have improved.”

“You always search for the icing, despite other deals are collapsing or not, you always want something else. It’s true that the subject of Cartabia was there, also another player that wasn’t attacker. It was possible, but in the end it didn’t happen. We had the operation close to occur. He and his agent knew our offer since the beginning of the summer. We had closed the doors as Valencia rejected us, but yesterday it was reopened. In the end it didn’t happen as his agent wasn’t able to fix the issue with Valencia.”

“Katai was an option that we valorised, but it was too late. He isn’t a striker, more a playmaker with goal, but it wasn’t possible as we needed to make a decision and as we were looking for a number nine.”

“The balance between what we paid and collected is positive. Truly we made a big investment, not too many as it was reported by the media. Almost all the operations have a trick, because you can make big investments using the facilities to make the payments, or in another cases the formula is to make one single payment, but in the end the balance is positive. We had two matches as we reinforced the squad well and at the same time we have reduced the debt.”

“Since September 1, we are looking for future players, because it must be continuous. Depending of the performance we will consider making signings in January, or also depending of chances, because you can have a good performance and don’t need signings, but it could be interesting as an option shows up in January. Yes, there’s enough room to make signings in January. That’s why we attempted the signing of Cartabia.”

“Mendes isn’t upset with us; actually he talked yesterday or the day before with the president and the relation is good. We have made several operations with Mendes and will continue to do so.”

“We do our job and defend our teams, with Valencia we had a good relation; actually last year they loaned us Cartabia. This year I phoned the sporting director of Valencia is order to ask for Fede Cartabia. He closed the door initially. In the issue of Mosquera they tried to pay the release clause, but he preferred to stay at Deportivo. Now, with Sidnei, it happened the same. We have to defend our club.”

“We cannot reveal the economic data, because there are several percentages that are released as long as you start buying different part of the rights. We neither can reveal the players’ wages. Yesterday I was reading that we were paying four million for Álvaro Vázquez, but I don’t know where the numbers came from [he smiled]. What I can tell you is that we now have the 70% of his rights [Andone]”

“I coincide with Gaizka [Garitano]: I don’t like long term goals. He was saying that the important thing is to defeat Athletic and then the next game. Truly last year I was saying that the goal was to avoid demotion. Now I believe we have enough squad to stay at Primera División, trying to win every game without renouncing to anything. The squad is enough to try to win the next game, if not to tie it.”



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