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02 Sep 2016
For the first time on the season Luisinho talked to reporters. He seems calmer and assumed his responsibility in last year’s conflict. The Portuguese said that he feels like a normal player now.

Luisinho talked for the first time on the season. After keeping silence during the whole pre-season, he conceded a press conference and talked of all the things lived after last year’s conflict, “It was a complicate summer, but the important thing is that everything was fixed and we are all content. I will stay one more year at Deportivo and let’s start a new season willing to do things right.” He started saying.

The left-back explained that he never saw himself out of Deportivo, “Sincerely no; I always thought that things were going to improve, between me, my agent and the president we concluded that things could be fixed, for this reason we are staying on here. A lot of things were said, we all commit mistakes and we talked too much at the time. Little by little things were fixed.”

He was also remembering the time when former coach Víctor Sánchez sidelined him from the trainings, “It was a complicate moment as a professional player, I never lived something like this. It was a little sad to be sidelined and not been able to take part with my partners. It was the saddest moment in my career. I felt that I wasn’t counting and that, not matter I tried to help, I was unable to fix it.” 

“I never had anything personal against my partners, the coach had a way of thinking and mine was different. Many times we didn’t agree and its done, I was the one affected. People were talking and I wasn’t able to reply. I was sidelined and now I can continue and hopefully the new coach will give me a chance.” He added.

The Portuguese was talking of his current relation with the rest of the team, “At this point I feel like a normal person, something that didn’t happen on last year. This year I feel normal and like a real professional, because they treat me like that. I respect the opinions of my partners and hopefully this respect will continue.”

About the relation with new coach Garitano, the comment was, “With him everything is fine, he was always sincere. Since his arrival he told me what he was thinking; he was respectful and I am content with this. I hope he will treat me like one more player.”

He didn’t want to talk of the polemic press conference of his agent on last season, something that unleashed a new conflict with former coach Víctor Sánchez, “Each one has an opinion and I don’t want to say anything. The agent talked, the coach talked, everyone talked and now the important thing is to forget the past. It was a weird past and now I want to focus in the team.”

The defender admitted that the possibility of an exit during the summer window was always there, “When the president talked we were negotiating the exit from Deportivo, also that I didn’t want to lose things and surely a possible exit was there. There were contacts with other clubs, but neither me nor the club liked what showed up. We reached an agreement and that agreement was to stay here and I was glad.”

He was reflecting on what he must do from now own, “Luisinho must be the player that Deportivo hired; I must be the player that I was before. It isn’t abnormal to think that I could go out. Normally these things don’t happen in football and it happened on here, now I must return to be the professional that I was.”

The defender was talking of the differences now regarding the competence for a place with Fernando Navarro, “Every player wants to play. Last year there were more things and I said that I was going to talk to the president about an exit as I didn’t have chances to play. It was impossible for me to stay with the previous coach. I wanted to play and wanted to leave. But now things changed, I feel like a normal person and feel that this coach treats me like another player.”

Finally, Luisinho was talking of the decision made by Deportivo about firing Víctor Sánchez, “Those decisions were made by the president after thinking about it, a lot of things happened and he felt that the change was necessary. We need to respect the decision.”



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