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04 Sep 2016
The female team of Deportivo debut facing one of the rivals for the promotion spot. The club is still searching for a couple of reinforcements, but coach Manu Sánchez is optimistic about the chances of his team.

For the first time since the 1980’s Deportivo will compete in women’s professional football. After reaching an agreement with Orzán, Los Blanquiazules are taking their spot at Segunda División. There are seven groups in this league and Depor Ladies are playing in group one.

Only the first place qualifies for the promotion playoff to Primera (the second best place of the seven groups also qualifies), so the goal of promotion is complicated. The group is composed by 14 clubs, the half of them are from Galicia, while the rest are from Asturias and Cantabria. Among the favourite teams are Oviedo Moderno CF, Sporting Ladies, FPR El Olivo, Sárdoma CF and CPM Friol.

Precisely, the debut is against Oviedo Moderno CF, one of the favourites. Coach Manu Sánchez has experience in the league and targets the promotion as a responsibility for the team. Nuria, Geri, Estefi and Elvira are the main references at the team, the latter will miss the opening game after picking a thigh injury in the last game of the pre-season. She will undergo new scans on next week.

Currently the team is composed by 17 players, though the club is still searching for two more reinforcements.
Goalkeepers: Ana González 'Anita', Malena Mieres 'Malena' & María Ameneiros 'María'.
Defenders: María Sánchez Migallón 'Miga', Miriam Ríos 'Miriam', María Gordo 'María', & Raquel Béjar 'Raquel'.
Midfielders: Ariane Martínez 'Ari', Teresa Abelleira 'Tere', Rosalía Muiño 'Lía', María Corral 'María Corral', Tamara Acuña 'Tami', Nuria Rábano 'Nuria' & María Geremías 'Gere'.
 Strikers: Estefanía Pabst 'Estefi', Noelia López 'Noe', & Elvira García 'Elvira'.



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