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11 Sep 2016
Depor’s coach admitted that the system with three centre-backs is an option and explained why Bruno Gama wasn’t picked. Athletic’s coach admitted that his team is anxious, but also says that it could be something positive.

Gaizka Garitano addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He talked for ten minutes to reporters and explained what he expects from the game. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The international break: It was helpful in order to train, basically, last week we had strong sessions and one friendly game. This week we have been preparing the game with Athletic, very good. Is it a benefit? I will tell you when tomorrow’s game ends.”

Bruno Gama: “Yesterday he made a few things, today he completed the session, but well... the others have been training for fifteen days and he only once, and we neither are sure, so the doctor prefers to be cautious. It’s the most logical thing as he neither feels safe.”

Joselu & Marlos Moreno: Joselu has completed the full week with us, besides he doesn’t have as a problem with the pace as he has bene working all pre-season long. I see him as one more player. Marlos is different, he hasn’t been with us, since his arrival he has only made one or two sessions and comes from a long trip from Colombia. He isn’t in the same situation, but can enter, either as a starter or from the bench.”

Facing Athletic: “I am Basque and when you play against somewhere from there… I have been there since I was 12, I am grateful as they formed me both as a person and as a person. It’s always a special game, but we need to win.”

Athletic’s form: “I don’t know if they will be anxious, we need to surpass them in intensity. Athletic have started like this before and ended in Champions or UEFA. Only two matchdays have been played and they already faced Barcelona. I don’t know how they are coming, but we have responsibilities. It’s an important game for us, even more than for them.”

Straight games at home: “We need to convert the Riazor into a fortress; it’s true that the away games have the same value, but normally to end adding more points at home by the end of the season. We hope to have seven points instead of four by the end of Sunday.”

International players: “Some joined us on Tuesday, others in Wednesday and Thursday. Some come from short trips, others from longer trips. Athletic face the same situation with some U-21 players. It isn’t an excuse.”

Three centre-backs: “We train all the weeks with three defenders and also with four, and this wee wasn’t different. The true is that we have a base system and one alternative. You know that normally it won’t be for the rival, but because we want to put the best players in order to play better. The important thing is that both systems are polished and we can use them at any time.”

The fans: “I always said that you need to give things to the fans, not to ask them for things. We will try to bring boys to the fans, and for this we need to win. We have great fans and home to continue doing what we have done so far.” 

Game or results? “I like to win, and the best way to win is to play good football. Since that point we try to play good, and that doesn’t mean to only pass the ball, you also need to have balance. The combination of both things is to play better. You are closer to win when you play better.”

Andone and Joselu: “We bring a second striker and both can play together. The same Lucas was able to play alongside Andone, now Andone can play alongside Joselu.”

Ernesto Valverde addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He talked of his team, Deportivo and the exit of Lucas Pérez. The following is a summary of the things he said:

Two straight losses: “Yes, the team is anxious, but many times I don’t think this anxiety is negative, any player must have it and should administrate it and convert it into something positive. We have just started and a lot still ahead, but we need to start adding. We are conscious of our duties and, despite knowing this is long, everybody wants to gain a place since now. The start is fundamental, but we need to keep a positive attitude and rely in what you are doing.”

International break: “This break wasn’t good, because we weren’t bad before. Even in the game against Sporting, match in which we had a negative vision, the team wasn’t bad with the exception of those fifteen minutes in which we were terrible. In the rest we kept the same lane. That’s why we are anxious to play this game.”

Deportivo: I see a team that’s well planted on the field, starting with order at defence to end using their quick attackers. Besides, Gaizka Garitano prepares the strategy and Albentosa s dangerous with their set-pieces takers. I hope a game in which we cannot lose control and neither lose the ball in dangerous zones.”

Lucas Pérez: “When you lose that potential, the rest of players must be united to no notice the lack of numbers. They signed Joselu and have signed important players, but the true is that the profile has changed. Depor are a balanced them that, despite the casualties, kept the spine cord with Mosquera, Sidnei and Fajr.”



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