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13 Sep 2016
The coach and the players admitted that Depor weren’t fine in this game, but at the same time believe that the team deserved more. Juanfran was hard with the referees.

Coach Gaizka Garitano was unhappy with the result, “For us it was a very bad night in all aspects; we are leaving with an undeserved defeat, because I believe we deserved a better result and we are leaving with two important players injured, it can be that one of them will be out for a long time [Joselu], so figure it out. We tried and the result wasn’t what we wanted and deserved.”

“In the end they have good players and scored a great goal. I was going to say in their lonely chance, but it wasn’t even an opportunity. We defended pretty well and only played well at times. We even scored a legal goal and I believe we have made the best game of the three already played. Evidently I am leaving very unhappy with the result and the injuries.” He added.

Asked about Joselu, he fears that the injury could be serious, “I am not a doctor, it could be a long-term case. I don’t know, we will see. I am not a doctor, but he left using crutches” About Sidnei he said that, “It seems to be a little tear, we will see if he will be out for a long time too, but next week there are three games and I guess he won’t be available.”

He also analysed the debut of Marlos Moreno, “Little by little he should be giving us more. He only completed a couple of trainings with us. He arrived from Colombia and was only available for 20 or 25 minutes. He will be entering and brining things.”

Garitano was asked by the attitude of Raúl García [silencing the fans during the goal as he was whistling], but he only said “I won’t say anything.” Same was the comment asked about the work of the referee, “Neither.” Was his only comment.

Who was outspoken was Juanfran Moreno, he criticized the referee and said that Depor deserved more, “I believe it was proved that Joselu is a great player and will give a lot of things. We hope the injury won’t be serious. In the end the injuries of Joselu and Sidnei are important for us. We were coming after two games in which we weren’t fine, neither were fine in the first half, but the team is growing. We deserved more. In the first game they didn’t whistle a clear penalty, nobody said anything because it isn’t interesting. Today they took away a clear goal. They always whistle the little fouls against us. We don’t ask the referees to give us things, but neither to remove things from us. We ask them to be more attentive. There are players falling into the ground for anything and nothing happens, later we see yellow cards for protesting. It bothers us. We ask for better referees, because today they removed things from us.”

“They didn’t have any chance in the second part, so in the end we improved and scored a great goal from 35 meters, which was preceded by a foul over Mosquera that wasn’t whistled. We had our chances, the goal that was invalidated, the chance for Marlos and shots from outside the area. There are positive things within the defeat, but no one wants to lose.” He added.

About Raúl García, Juanfran said that, “I don’t know what are you talking about the celebration. I don’t know if he made anything in the celebration, but there’s a referee that should be referring, and he is the one that allows. We cannot do anything is he allows things.”

Marlos Moreno debuted in Europe and commented that, “We didn’t get the result, which was to add the three points, but we must continue working. Nothing happens. It was bittersweet, we deserved more, but this isn’t a matter of merits. We had chances, but unfortunately weren’t able to score the goals and we paid the price for it.” The Colombian was feeling sorry for the missed opportunity at the end of the game, “I am still regretting for it. I slipped with the left foot when I was trying to strike the ball.” 

Celso Borges talked on Monday and he assured that the video should be used in order to avoid the situations like the goal that was ruled out, “I don’t think he was offside, it is a legal goal, but what can we said about the referees? I don’t think the video is a problem if it means a solution and it isn’t affecting the ethical of football. You cannot ban technology for football.”

The midfielder also talked of Raúl Garcia, “He said that he slipped before going out for the ball, and for that reason it is less violent. I don’t think there was the intention to provoke an injury and neither to try to affect the career of a colleague. He later went into our changing room and asked for Joselu to see how he was, that’s why I said he didn’t intent to injury him. He apologised for it and said it was a slip.”

At Athletic Club, Ernesto Valverde was happy with the result, “It was a very difficult game, highly disputed, and we weren’t attractive. Last year we dominated for 80 minutes and they claimed a result. This time we weren’t pretty, but were effective and we are very happy.”

“We know the value of a victory and we didn’t want to leave with zero points. It was a fundamental game. We missed more passing game, the ball wasn’t lasting too much at our boots, but it was a compromised situation.” He ended. 




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