17 Sep 2016
Marlos Moreno conceded an interview to Sportpaper Marca, the Colombian striker talked briefly of his first years in the game and his adaptation to the city of A CoruŮa.

Q: You debuted last Sunday in an official match. What were your feelings?
A: I was a little anxious for wanting to contribute, but the players welcomed me very well. I was told that I should remain quiet, that things were going to work out.

Q: What can you contribute to Deportivoís game?
 A: With my speed, dribbling and my strength, which is the one-on-one game, I can contribute a lot in search of open spaces. I hope to overwhelm on the wing and, as a striker, although it becomes harder to me, I think I have goal.

Q: Do you see many differences between the Spanish and South American football?
A: It's very different. In Colombia football is slower. On here thereís no time to think. You need to know where to play the ball before it arrives. In addition, on here the pitches are wet and the ball goes faster.

Q: And the daily life in the city?
A: Little by little I'm adapting. The city and team mates have welcomed me very well. I am learning. The food and schedules are very different. Itís a matter of trying to get used to that. Time will tell whatís right and whatís wrong. For now, I've liked what I have met.

Q: How does a young man at his 19 manage success?
A: Trying to keep your feet on the ground. You can go mad by calls from big clubs, entrepreneurs who approach you and offer homes or money... but you have to keep working and know you havenít done anything yet.

Q: Who helps you to keep your feet on the ground?
 A: The environment is important. I come from very low and that has taught me that we must be humble. My sister and my mom are pending.

Q: How was your childhood?
A: My childhood was difficult, in the neighbourhood there were few resources. Nobody got there to watch football. That influences my personality. It is the root of my growth process. When I can talk to friends from there, they support me a lot.

Q: Who noticed you?
 A: Eladio Tamayo. He has always been with me. It's like my father. I spent some time living with him. He pulled me out from the neighbourhood and took me to his home.

Q: What did you think when Manchester City was looking at you?
 A: The true is that I didnít believe it. I looked at the sky and thanked God for the opportunity he is giving me.

Do you already know Guardiola?
 A: No, I donít have the pleasure. I'll have time to talk to him.



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