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25 Sep 2016
Depor’s coach announced changes and is convinced that his team is tough to beat, while Atletico’s coach is worried as the rival will be locked at their side of the field.

Gaizka Garitano conceded a press conference on Saturday’s afternoon. He talked after the training session held at Abegondo and announced changes at the lineup. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Defeat against Leganés: “It was tough, after two days we still facing problems to digest it, but football is a reflection of life: you must get up after a hard it, success is based on it. The team will recover and tomorrow we will be fine in order to compete. We have been more focused in recovering the spirit of the players rather than their physical condition despite playing three games in six days. The only good thing of losing is that you have a match in three days, so you don’t have to wait for a full week and it’s good to compete as soon as possible.”

Losing the balance: “I don’t agree. The balance is lost when the team is broken and you start to allow counterattacks. Leganés only made two shots on target in ninety minutes. We missed freshness in order to have a clearer idea at the moment of having the ball. After the goals we had anxiety, we were too hurried and lacked precision with the ball. But if this team has something good it is the balance.”

Andone: “I will be more worried if Andone wouldn’t be having chances to score, but he’s having opportunities in all the games. The ball will enter; it is a matter of time. We cannot look at him only to complain about the lack of goal. The ones that haven’t been scoring goals should do it now, the centre-backs and the midfielders in set-pieces, the wingers too. Just like the other day with Celso. Everyone must add.”

Changes for the game: There will be a few changes. The team needs it in order to gain freshness. You can play two games, but three in a matter of six days is too much. We trust our players and we will make changes in some positions. We are the ones more damaged by the calendar, but it isn’t an excuse. We must do a good game and win.”

Atlético Madrid: “We all know Atlético. Each year they have a better version and the players know them better, they play by memory and are among the two or three best teams in Europe. We are hopeful, but knowing that the bets aren’t with us. We have demonstrated in these five games that we are tough to beat. We are in the games in order to win, it is the intention. We aren’t traveling to Madrid in order to see what’s going on, we are going in order to compete.”

Bad streak against Atlético: “I don’t believe in statistics. We are here in order to break it.”

Diego Simeone addressed the media on Saturday’s noon; the Argentine men didn’t want to reveal if he is going to make rotations. He warned that Depor is a rival that arrives to the Calderón in order to defend. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Rotations: “I always thought the same thing: we enter the field with the ones that can resolve the games in the better way, because from here to Wednesday anything can happen.”

Depth at the squad: "I always said that December’s squad with Sosa and Rivas was very competitive, with great players, men. Now we have younger players, but Gaitán and Gameiro give us experience. It’s the best to have a very good group that strengthens the team, with a healthy competition. Thomas is a great example, he stayed out before and we decided to play with him for the last 20 minutes, it’s an example of the preparation and concentration that we must have.”

Gaitán & Carrasco on the wings: “We haven’t decided yet, the players are competing at the top, I need that the 19 men could be focused in playing and later I will decide taking in mind my feelings.”

Playing on Sunday and then on Wednesday: “If they tell us that we are playing at 16h15, then we play at 16h15. If it is at 20h45 then it’s at 20h45. As a coach, from our position, we cannot do anything.”

Oblak: "In our recent history, Courtois and all who passed here were great goalkeepers and we work accordingly to strengthen their talent. The same happened with the strikers. Oblak is fine, he’s young and is growing, what excites us the most is the fact that he wants to keep improving, he keeps a low profile and that’s good. That peace is good for the team due to the position he plays."

Deportivo: I don’t know if Barcelona was a great result, but it was good. We go back with another people, but in the same way, facing a tough team. Judging by other games, with the exception of Sporting, it was always tough for us to face rivals that come here in order to defend. Deportivo is coming here searching to play like this and looking for its alternatives.”



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