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03 Oct 2016
Deportivo suffer to score goals though the team completed a record number of shots. There are improvements in set-pieces despite allowing a goal in a corner-kick.

The six notes from the game Vs. Sporting Gijůn:

1- Shots, no goals: Deportivo remain suffering at the moment of scoring goals, the victory only came after a miraculous goal at the stoppage time, but it cannot be said that it is for not trying. After all the Galicians completed 21 shots in this game. Itís the higher number since the 25 had against Sevilla CF during the season 2014/15 (3-4, 07 March 2015).

Whatís also true is that the major part of the shots didnít create any danger (8 chances created in the game). The team trends to have the ball during the home matches, but later thereís a lack of ideas and the major part of the attacks ends in harmless crosses or shots without any direction.

2- «olak, is the new hero of the Riazor: After a doubtful start Emre «olak is the new hero of the fans. In only three games he already won the heart of the public and in this game he demonstrated why. His dribbles and key passes are the best thing of Depor in offense and Sporting were desperate, to the point that he was the most fouled player together with Juanfran (6 fouls). «olak was also the player with more touches on the pitch (85).

3- Good and bad news in set-pieces: Garitano has been practicing the set-pieces during the trainings and the results are already evident. The first goal came in secondary play after a free-kick and the second in a secondary play after a throw-in, situations that on last season were frequently wasted. The team has even improved in the corner-kicks.

In this match Depor threw 11 corners and in two of them the Galicians should have scored with heading attempts at the near post by Albentosa and Andone, but visiting goalie Cuellar made great saves to prevent the goals. The bad news is that the team still having problems defending the corners, Sportingís goal came in a corner-ick in which three defenders were unable to prevent a backwards header from a rival.

4- Defensive aids: Thereís a sense of disappointment with the work of the attackers, but itís necessary to notice their contribution in defence.  Sporting were dangerous in the counterattack, but Depor always left the impression of been a team well positioned on the pitch, and a lot of this picture was related to the withdrawal of Marlos Moreno, Andone and Bruno Gama. A clear example is a play at the end of the second half, Guilherme made a bad pass at midfield that could have cost a counterattack, but a quick retreat by Babel allowed him to recover the ball and launch a pass that ended in an offensive play.

5- Fifteen home games allowing goals: New negative record for Depor: the team has allowed goals in fifteen straight home official games for the first time in its history (14 in liga and 1 in Copa Del Rey). The last time Depor clinched a clean sheet at the Riazor was in a 2-0 win over SD Eibar (December 19, 2015).

6- Last-minute victory: Deportivo returned to winning ways thanks to a goal that Ryan Babel scored at minute 91. The last time the Galicians won a Primera game after scoring in the stoppage time took place in 2009: Guardado scoring a late penalty over Atlťtico Madrid (2-1).



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