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03 Oct 2016
Satisfaction with the second win on the season, the coach and the players expressed their satisfaction and at the same time admitted some anxiety after missing the win in the previous five games.

Coach Gaizka Garitano said that his team deserved to win, though he admitted the problems to score goals, “I believe we made a very complete game, but as always the lack of goal made us suffer until the end of the game. Their only chance was the goal and truly I liked my team. We deserved to win, but it’s also true that we suffered and the goal arrived until the end after a lot of suffering and in the last play of the game.”

“In the first fifteen or twenty minutes of the second part it was more balanced. They went out for the draw, but without having chances. The game was under control and the pity was the play of the goal. Later we attacked and it would have been a pity to not score the goal. The team made a lot of things in order to win, and lately we weren’t getting the results. If we wouldn’t have won, then it would have been a hard hit.” He added.

He admitted the anxiety after the previous results, “Today’s game meant a lot for us, we are entering the break and we were coming from a winless streak, we were playing at home. Now we won playing fine. We should have scored before, but our lack of goals is forcing us to surround the area without finding the goal. In the end the players deserved this as they gave everything.”

“Yesterday I talked that we needed to have the initiative, we were forced to play and have arrivals, and it was like that with the exception of the first minutes in the second half. The team gave everything and we deserve this.” The Basque man added.

Finally, Garitano talked of Babel, “We want to extract more from him. We are putting him for the minutes we think he can hold on. These fifteen days will be great to see him training. He has spent a while without playing and this time will be good to see him playing with more frequency.”

German Lux was content with the result as he believes the team was better than the rival, “The true is that it was a narrow win. I believe it was well deserved. We fought and we deserved it. I believe we were better than Sporting, maybe we didn’t have too many clear chances, but we had the ball and they found the goal in an isolated play. We insisted and I’m happy for Ryan as he scored.”

“The feelings that we had didn’t correspond to the results. I believe we have competed in all the games, we always had options and the team works and competes. The group is fine and we deserved the victory. We all are together.” The Argentine goalie added.

Raúl Albentosa couldn’t believe the final result, “Truly we needed the win and we were expecting for this. It came at the 91 minute and truly I don’t know what else to say. We are leaving content for the work done. Everything changes in a minute, if we would come here after drawing then we would be bad, but a great goal at minute 91 is making us to see things in a different way.”

The centre-back also admitted the tension for the latest results, “If we wouldn’t have won then the next fifteen days would have been like three months. We have players at the national teams and to prepare the game with Barca without them is difficult. All the adrenaline was saw in the game, before we didn’t have the luck that we sought. I believe there will be a time in which we would even score with the arse. I had one clear chance in set-pieces, just like them, I failed and they scored. I believe more victories will come. Today the fans pulled us” 

Juanfran was praising Ryan Babel, “Babel is a different player, we saw it since the first training. He is a star and will return to be like that. We are happy and he deserves it. It was a fair victory, they didn’t create any danger, only the goal, we are happy as we deserved this.”

Ryan Babel was the hero of the game, he talked to reporters after Sunday’s training, “This is the typical moment that any player dreams of and I guess this was my night, but again, all was about the three points and it was our goal. We achieved it, but for me it was wonderful.”

At Sporting Gijón, Abelardo Fernández was saying that the result was unfair, “Depor deserved the result of the first half, but in the second Sporting were better. Within the last minutes they put fresh people and harassed us, but the result was excessive. We lost the track with the first goal, the talking at half-time helped us and we saw another Sporting. The team was settled and in the end it was a pity the goal, especially for our morale. We even had chances to claim the lead, but the goal came at the last play. This is football.”





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